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    Right. The best example I can think of in the US is Penn Foster which is, obviously, not setting any trends for academic norms. Still, they have very few teaching staff considering the size of their operation and many programs have been relegated to part-time remote working "graders" rather than actual instructors.

    I imagine they are required for (programmatic) accreditation of their vet tech (for example) program to have actual instructors who can answer questions and help guide students. But for high school math? Just have the computer grade the multiple choice.

    This isn't a terrible thing, in my opinion, because I like creating efficiency. But if one's plan was to retire young to a beach somewhere and just casually teach their way into six figures from the comfort of their beach chair it might throw a wrench into their long term planning.

    I'm noticing this "digital nomad" thing is really trending these days and a lot of the ease of it seems to be based on some very odd assumptions about how steady some work is, how much longer it will be a viable option and what one might realistically make doing it.
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    Competition of recruiting digital nomads/remote-tech workers is fierce. Cities, States, even entire Countries are rolling out plans to lure them in. The potential is even leading changes to urban planning and real estate markets, it’s wild. I live in a somewhat affluent vacation destination that before the pandemic was determined to have one of the highest concentrations of remote tech workers, and its up ended many of the markets and city services. While Air B&Bs are banned, the fully furnished luxury rental market is off the charts and a good portion are essentially digital nomads. On my block alone there’s a former state beauty pageant winner who’s made a career of traveling as an Instagram model, another woman with a doctorate but makes her living off of social media as an influencer, and a young couple who both have computer science doctorates working for a company remotely.
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    Fair enough. I think CBE has its place, but I surely wouldn't want to see it be the only option.

    As for an example, Penn Foster may be the most venerable, but I'd probably go with WGU first at this point.
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    Indeed. A number of Caribbean countries have rolled out special one year residency visas for them, because policymakers know they'll just be there spending gobs of money without being a nuisance.
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    The first time I learned about adjuncting as a profession, was actually from the Carribean/Central America! My aunt had a few businesses in Costa Rica back in the 90s/early 2000s, including one of the ex-pat bohemian yoga retreat/eco-lodge resorts near Jaco. She would often have people living that adjunct dream of working remotely while living in paradise.
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    Nice! I expect this to become more common, especially once people consider the potential tax benefits.

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