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    So, I was browsing the Instagram page of Davido (an American-born Nigerian singer and billionaire). I saw where he shared a video about Adeleke University. I did some research and discovered that the school is owned by his father, Dr. Adedeji T. Adeleke (a business magnate, billionaire, and pro-vice-chancellor/president of the university).

    The school is legitimate. However, Dr. Adeleke's credentials are what caught my attention.

    "Between 1981 and 1983, he was enrolled for the doctoral degree at Pacific Columbia University, Mills Valley, California, where he bagged the PhD degree in International Business after successfully defending his thesis titled “Japan’s conflicting international trade behavior” in 1983."

    I believe they meant Pacific Columbia University, which was an unaccredited school in California.

    "It is worthy of note that Dr. Adeleke enrolled for a second doctoral degree in Business Administration (DBA) with the reputable University of Phoenix, Arizona in 2007. In 2010, he successfully defended his thesis titled “Electricity supply, efficiency and organizational growth and profitability in Lagos, Nigeria.”"

    I can understand legitimate or accredited, but reputable? I don't think the University of Phoenix is reputable. Heck, a lot of non-profit and public universities are not even reputable. I understand reputable to be "prestigious."
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    "Reputable", being an opinion, means nothing, and thus is an ideal word for this sort of puffery.
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    A rather unexpected use of the word 'bagged' here.
    I always knew it as casual slang in the context of getting something extra or unexpected (e.g. 'I bagged a free computer!')

    Though perhaps it was meant in the sense of 5a/b here:
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    Hey! At least someone can get an internship at Google with UoP! ;)

    UoP is the Harvard of Internet colleges :p

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    "Puffery" has now been added to my "words to start using" list :emoji_sunglasses:

    EDIT: Oh! In a moment of genius it hit me just how great it would sound to accuse someone of "postulating puffery" or "pretentious puffery" in the middle of a heated rant!
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    I found out recently that Jack Van Impe (RIP) and his wife Rexella got their "Doctorates" from Pacific International University, an unaccredited program widely considered a diploma mill when it was operating. That really made me smh because I learned a lot from Jack years ago, and it was sad to find out he was frauding for all of that time.

    I don't know what it is about the word "Pacific" and bogus schools, lol.
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    Isn't it possible that the reference was to Columbia Pacific University since it was located in Mill Valley, CA?
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    Yes. I just realized that I wrote Pacific Columbia University instead of Columbia Pacific University in my comment after the first direct quote.
  9. newsongs

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    Columbia Pacific University's degrees back then are noted as follows by Wikipedia:

    California recognizes CPU degrees earned before June 25, 1997, as "legally valid" for use in the state. CPU degrees earned on or after June 25, 1997, are "not legally valid" for use in California.

    Michigan "Please note that individual degree programs that have not been accredited by the recognized programmatic accrediting body might not be accepted."[28]

    Texas "Texas has recognized CPU degrees recognized by California as legally valid" [29]

    Probably doesn't help Dr. Adeleke much - with so much controversy around the school. UofP... not so much either.

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