Actual Attendance Defined.

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  1. sideman

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    I have my own opinion on this but I wanted to get others. I was asked by someone if I am actually attending Penn Foster College. Of course, as we know, PF's courses are conducted online and by distance learning, so when I take the course I'm not there physically. However I am enrolled as a student and "attend" webinars, etc. What do you think?
  2. Jonathan Whatley

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  3. Maniac Craniac

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    I've had this conversation a few times already.

    Busybody: Where did you go to college?
    Maniac: I never went to college. But I do have a Bachelor's degree.
    Busybody: Eh?

    It's basically replaced conversations I used to have after HS graduation and no college.

    Busybody: Are you a student?
    Maniac: Yes.
    Busybody: Good for you! Which school?
    Maniac: School? I'm too busy studying to find time for school.
    Busybody: Eh?


    Busybody: Do you plan on going to college?
    Maniac: Nope.
    Busybody: Really?! Why not?!
    Maniac: Because I'd rather get an education.
    Busybody: Eh?
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  4. Ian Anderson

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    In my case the conversation could go something like this:

    Busybody: Where did you get your BS degree
    Me: My jobs moved me around so I attended around a dozen colleges and universities in the UK and in the USA. Then Excelsior collected all my credits together and granted me my degree.

    But no one has ever asked me that question.
  5. 03310151

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    I must be old, or I just have stupid acquaintances (I'm not that bright either) because nodoby every asks me about my degrees. Ever.

    If it were me I'd just say "I attended AMU completely online". If they asked me to define what "Attendance" meant I would look at them with a mean look I give to people who ask stupid questions (I'm a big guy) and then say I completed all courework online again but only louder like I'm some dumb American speaking to someone who does not understand English and if I talk louder they'll get it.
  6. SteveFoerster

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    "You know that guy you totally hated because he was so smart he could skip all the lectures and still get an A for the course? It was like that."

    (I mean, it isn't, of course. But it would be fun to say.)
  7. sideman

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    Great responses everybody. I'm taking mental notes.

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