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Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by John Bear, Feb 2, 2001.

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    On another newsgroup, Leon Steinberg posted the following, which I am responding to here:

    <<I studied two years for a PhD at a regular University in Germany. I just finished my thesis (three scientific papers, ready for
    publication), but [​IMG]ue to personal reasons, I feel that I cannot finish with my mentor here. I tried everything, but it is just not possible. So I'm looking for an accred. distance university or alike which would
    accept my studies in health services research and let me finalize my PhD. Im not willing to start all over again, I "just" want someone to approve what I have already done. Iam sure that they my work is good enough.I know that this is uncommon, but maybe some of you could give me a hint where to try or to whom to speak.>>

    You're right, Leon, it is extremely unusual for the Ph.D. to be given entirely based on work already done, although Luton University in England has done so. More commonly, the doctorate given for prior work is the D.Litt, or Doctor of Letters, but the majority of these go to older scholars, many of whom already have a Ph.D., as a second doctorate to honor them (although it is not regarded as an honorary degree).

    More likely (but less satisfactory, I fear) would be to do some new work, toward a research doctorate in this field. The requirements for research doctorates are not only tremendously variable from school to school, but even from department to department, and from case to case within a given department -- so there would need to be a lot of 'shopping around' in hopes of finding one where only a modest amount of new work would be required.

    The Australians and the British are the ones doing this kind of thing. I would consider starting such a search with the University of Central Queensland, Deaken University, South Bank University, the University of Kent at Canterbury, or the University of Teesside.

    Details on these and other schools, plus a section on the strategies of pursuing the research doctorate, are in the new 14th edition of the book my daughter and I write, Bears' Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning (

    Best wishes in your quest.

    John Bear
  2. Tom Head

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    John --

    This fella might also try the University of Technology ( in Sydney, which has apparently also done this sort of thing on a case by case basis,
    although substantial work explaining prior work is generally required. It's my understanding that UTS is even sometimes willing to work with students who have written substantial work, but have not necessarily yet had the chance to publish it.


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    I thought touro had a PhD in health sciences that they are now promoting like crazy?
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    John, is this like talking about NBC when you're on a CBS talk show? ;-) Is it not good form to mention here?


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