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    I will soon finish the MBA in general business. I would like a certificate in finance, accounting, or a dual accounting/finance certificate to compliment my MBA to qualify me for jobs in accounting, financial management, etc. Any recommendations?
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    New York Institute of Finance has several professional certificates in finance.

    I am currently doing their base program, the Certificate in Finance. Its open enrollment and they cost around 300 each course (some a little higher some a little lower).

    I'm enrolled in Corporate Finance and Financial Statement Analysis. Four more courses and I would have the certificate.

    These are professional, not academic, certificates but I am learning quite a bit. They could have created a slicker interface but its good.

    Keller Graduate School of Management has academic Graduate Certificates in both Accounting and Financial Analysis that you might be interested in

    Also, Golden Gate University has Graduate Certificates in Accounting and Finance as well

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