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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by pcguy, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Gary Rients

    Gary Rients New Member

    It sounds as though the Capitol College MS in CS program should fit what you are looking for. They offer courses in each of the subjects you listed - the first is offered as an elective (CS-513 - Gaming Theory Real-Time 3D Graphics), while the latter three are required core courses. There are no strictly enforced prerequisites that I know of, but you might (or might not, if you're a quick study) have trouble in CS-504 if you don't have an understanding of discrete math. If you have a solid background in programming then you'd probably be okay with the rest of the courses. They don't require the GRE, and you should be able to start in the Spring. The admissions process is fairly quick, but they'll also let you enroll in up to 6 credits before your admission is complete.

    I was one of the first graduates of this program (it was launched in Fall, 2002), so if you have any questions feel free to email me.
  2. agingBetter

    agingBetter New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I see I can get in for January 2005 if I act quickly.

    I'm still deciding on other options.

    MBA v. MSCS

    My heart isn't in the MBA though. I just found out yesterday that the tuition at the school I took MBA courses from just skyrocketed beyond my means and my employer's tuition reimbursement will cover 4 courses per year when I have 12 to go.

    Sigh. Decisions.
  3. Gary Rients

    Gary Rients New Member

    I understand completely - I was struggling with the same decision myself. I decided to do both! I figured that I'd just sign up at Capitol and get started as soon as possible rather than sitting around struggling with the decision of what to do, and then possibly waiting to start a program with a lengthy admission process and limiting start dates. Then I found an inexpensive state school that only requires 8 courses (after transfer credit from my MS and some CLEP/DANTES exams for my background deficiencies) for an MBA. So all told I'll probably spend about the same (or less) time and money getting both an MS and an MBA as I would have getting just one or the other going with some of the other options.

    Capitol does accept transfer credit, so you may even want to see if any of the courses you've already taken could be accepted as electives toward the MS in CS. They may be somewhat flexible on the electives, I'm really not sure. Bear in mind that the IA courses listed as possible electives are really IS type courses rather than CS courses, so they might be open to letting you transfer in an IS type course as an elective (I don't know what you've already taken). The online application is free, so you could just go ahead and apply and then see what they say.
  4. agingBetter

    agingBetter New Member

    How do people make these decisions!

    I see Capitol College has an MBA program as well.

    I keep waffling back and forth; I don't know what to do. I will be starting something in January; I'm just not sure what, yet.

    As I try to figure out what I really want, I find my deepest curiousity is drawn toward computer engineering, and I believe my desire for the MSCS is not true, but is a compromise because the MSCE and BSCE were not offered via distance learning and in my geographic area, the tuition is expensive for brick and mortar and beyond my means.

    So I'm possibly settling, and that is why I got excited about the BSCE and MSCE at California National University. CNU is only DETC accredited (like ACCIS), and MIGHT qualify me for a Master' s level program in engineering at an RA school, or ABET school, if I'm very lucky.

    So now I'm dreaming again, after I put that desire away a few years ago.

    What I really want is the Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and then to go on for the Master's. I would never have known CNU was available had I not been looking for MBA/MSIT/MSCS programs.

    Of course, the Computer Engineering studies will do nothing to help me in my current career as an application developer. And since the BSCE is only DETC accredited, I'm trying to resist the temptation.

    So I'm back to square one.

    And no one can help me make this decision. The agony is killing me.

    Practical v. desire.
  5. backtoschoolnow

    backtoschoolnow New Member

    There are many RA Masters programs that will accept this degree. The problem you can run into would be if you do not complete the degree. Finding a school that will accept your transfer credits may be more challanging.
  6. skywire

    skywire New Member

    I'm curious about how it would be accepted if one has a RA Education degree? I completed the MS Ed at Cal State Hayward in Onliine Teaching and Learning but found it's a "shake and bake" course.

    There are so many aspects to online teaching, it's hard to touch on all aspects. You get alot of everything, but not alot in depth. I want to increase my knowledge of software and have strongly considere ACCIS. Comments?
  7. skywire

    skywire New Member

    Whoops, I meant "considered." Don't get me wrong, it was a good program at Cal State, but it covers alot and but only touches on them. I learned alot, but want to learn more software--especially multimedia software.

    This is why I'm considering ACCIS. I need a very flexible program that I can do from Asia, where I currently live. I'm also looking cost as I am paying out of pocket for everything.

    Would ACCIS under these circumstances be a bad move, credential/resume wise?:confused:
  8. Al329

    Al329 New Member

    I am currently enrolled in ACCIS. Let me tell you why I chose ACCIS. First of it’s a correspondence school so classes are done in my own time. If I have the free time and can complete all the assignments in a few weeks, then I can knock out the classes pretty quick. Or if I am too busy at work I can take a month off from school. Most online schools I have found have a set class schedule or require class participation. ACCIS does not. Another reason was of course the cost of the degree. I know from reading the board that there are other cheaper schools out there but I have yet to see on that lets me set my own schedule.

    I’m not pumping ACCIS. Personally I would rather have my degree from an RA school. But I also have to look at the functionality of the degree. My employer recognizes RA and DETC equally and I can obtain promotions based on the ACCIS degree. To that end ACCIS meets all of my requirements.

    On a side note. I worked with someone who attended AIU online. AIU is RA accredited. I can honestly say I cannot see where ACCIS is any less of a school compared to AIU. My friend, with no prior college credit, completed a BS in Computer Science in 2 years. The cost 28K. The course work was all homework with msg board participation. At least with ACCIS I have to take a proctored final exam in the course.

    I have read the endless ACCIS has an unsavory past posts. My question to the board, what online RA school costs the same and lets the student complete the courses on their own schedule? If its out there then I suggest the OP attend said school.
  9. Al329

    Al329 New Member

    Anyone ?

    I have read the endless ACCIS has an unsavory past posts. My question to the board, what online RA school costs the same and lets the student complete the courses on their own schedule? If its out there then I suggest the OP attend said school.

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