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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by w_parker, May 10, 2005.

  1. w_parker

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    As many here know, I am an active duty soldier who completed his undergrad degree via classroom, CLEP, and DL through Upper Iowa University. I am currently in the process from moving from Arkansas to Hawaii, where I will finish my 3 years 8 months until retirement. I have previously seen posts questioning whether a DL degree was "good enough" to be accepted to a B&M AACSB MBA program, and the answer seems to be yes. I applied to Morehead State University (also AACSB), UMASS Amherst, and U of Hawaii at Manoa (Honolulu), and was accepted to all. Given the opportunity to attend in person, I will transfer from MSU to U of Hawaii, but only for the sake of the opportunity to network in person since I will be retiring in a few years, otherwise my loyalty remains to MSU, I have enjoyed their classes and curriculum to date. Regardless, the main purpose of this thread is to inform that yes, it is possible to go from DL to a B&M ACCSB school.

  2. Jack Tracey

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    Hi William -
    Congratulations on your new academic opportunity although it's too bad that you have to live on such a godforsaken little island in the middle of nowhere. :rolleyes:
    Best of luck in the future. Thanks for your service to our country.
  3. w_parker

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    lol, it is true island fever can become an issue, but heck, there are worst places to be exililed to, lol...

  4. marilynd

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    Congratulations, indeed.

    But how will you work class time into your surfing schedule?


  5. kobeb

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    GO BOW'S!!!

    Congrats...and go HAWAII WARRIORS!!! The upcoming football season should be interesting...

    OH BTW Congrats on the assignment as well...are you going to FT Shafter or Schofield Barracks?

    Take care or should I say: "ALOHA",
  6. -kevin-

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    best of luck. I have been on islands (and atolls) and the nice thing is that very often time seems to stand still. Take time to enjoy the lifestyle, you will need the break before retiring and starting on your second career.


  7. w_parker

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    I will be stationed at Schofield. I am a little worried about the timeline; I will have another tour in Iraq so I will have two to two and a half years on the island. I would have to finish the program before I rotated (retired) back on the mainland, but, I will see if it is feasable to do. Thanks for the replies.


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