Accepted into Temple U and George Mason - Advice?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by CavTrooper, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    Heya folks,
    So I finally narrowed down my online MBA choices to two schools, and applied and was granted admission to both of them. I'm now trying to figure out which program to enroll in. Here are the basic considerations:

    -Both programs carry zero out of pocket expenses because they are covered by the GI bill, which covers 100% of tuition to public colleges.

    -Both programs are AACSB accredited (Temple (Fox) is more highly ranked)

    -Temple takes about three months longer, which then exhausts three additional months of my GI bill, but I believe this is where my education will stop, so I'm not worried about it.

    -Temple offered me a $7500 scholarship but it must be divided over all semesters, which means it won't affect me since the GI bill would cover the entire cost either way.

    -Mason is here in the area, which matches my location on my resume; makes more sense to employers?

    -Mason is an executive program, Temple is a traditional online MBA

    -Both programs offer free books; Mason includes an international residency, Temple does not. Temple requires a once-per-week videoconference via webex and an opening residency.

    -Both programs are more or less a cohort format (which I wanted); Temple's is more flexible, Mason's is not flexible.

    -Temple's program runs one class at a time, every four weeks. Mason's program is two classes per term, with eight week terms.

    At this point I'm inclined to go with Mason because of the international residency, more-structured cohort format, and executive-style format (it was created with working adults in mind, whereas it looks like Temple throws a full-time courseload at you, albeit online).

    Please provide some advice - is Temple a better choice in the long-term, based on better pedigree/ranking? Any other considerations I haven't thought of? I have until the 26th to respond to Mason, and until the 11th of April to respond to Temple. Thanks!

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Temple University is ranked higher than GMU, so Fox Business school vs GMU's School of Management. Since Temple's program is more flexible, which might fit better for professional. However, it is lack of professional networking through residency. I would recommend Temple's program, unless you professional network is important for you than go for GMU.
  3. lawrenceq

    lawrenceq Member

    I'd go with George Mason since it's local.
  4. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    I would recommend GMU. I believe the networking that comes with a local school outweighs the US News ranking difference.

    Good luck.

  5. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    Thanks for the feedback so far everyone.

    Dr. Ambrose - I do indeed want to stay networked with the DC/DoD crowd, but will actually be transitioning to central PA next year - does that change your recommendation? Also, cool to see Shippensburg as your alma mater; I considered their MBA, believe it or not.

    Still leaning GMU - TEKMAN you brought up some good points about rankings, but I think the networking aspect with more seasoned GMU EMBA students (especially during the international residency) would be a benefit as well. That being said, I realize how important rankings can be in the corporate world... still thinking.
  6. FJD

    FJD Member

    I don't think you can go wrong with either, but I'd give Temple the edge if you're moving to PA. The university has a very good reputation generally, but every school has some regional bias. You're likely to enjoy a "plus factor" in PA over George Mason, a school hardly anyone knew much about outside of the DC area before the last decade. Temple has been long-established as a leading institution in the area, particularly well known for its medical, law, and business schools. Good luck deciding and good luck in whichever program you choose. You're in a great position.
  7. Ed Edwards

    Ed Edwards Member

    If you actually have to go to the downtown Philly Temple campus it is in an awful neighborhood. Like get a guard to walk you to your car at night bad. If the choice includes one of their other locations pick Temple.
  8. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Congratulations on your letters of acceptance. Recall that Temple-Fox was one of my initial suggestions for your consideration … so you know my opinion between the two. Yet in the end, the choice will be made based on your own needs and assessments of the two programs.

    The best to you with your upcoming MBA studies...
  9. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    For top ten or top twenty schools, I agree. But for GMU vs. Temple, I'd think location would be a lot more important because it would relate to which alumni network is stronger wherever you are or plan to be.
  10. Ed Edwards

    Ed Edwards Member

    This is a good point.
  11. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    For top ten or top twenty schools, I agree. But for GMU vs. Temple, I'd think location would be a lot more important because it would relate to which alumni network is stronger wherever you are or plan to be.
  12. lawrenceq

    lawrenceq Member

    I say Temple since it's local. :)
  13. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    Just wanted to post a "follow-up" to let everyone know which direction I ultimately decided on. Also, thank you all for the input. Initially, I decided to pursue the GMU EMBA program, due to the curriculum/schedule/international residency. However, the GMU program dropped the spring start date at the last minute due to low enrollment numbers, so I switched over to Temple just this week.

    So, I'll be attending Temple's online MBA program with the opening residency starting next week in Philadelphia. I'm actually pretty excited about it, and ultimately think I'll end up enjoying the Temple experience as much, if not more, than the GMU experience would have been. So far the admissions and academic staff have been more than helpful, and with GI Bill financing, this program is a slam-dunk since the paid-for tuition covers all books, materials, and residency fees.

    Eventually I'm going to open a new thread with updates on the program to give everyone the inside scoop on the Fox online MBA.

    Thanks again - onward to greatness!
  14. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I was kind of hoping you'd go with GMU, but under those circumstances I'd do what you did. Good luck!
  15. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, Steve - I'll certainly admit the GMU program is very well designed with a great blend of relevant curriculum, residencies, and scheduling. Also, great school! In the end though, I think Temple will provide a perfect springboard to my next career, and an added bonus is that my home state is PA!

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