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    Hi there, i work as a paramedic but am looking to go into nursing or pa school. So I basically have a good handle of bio/chem/organic so i am looking for something accelerated like 4 weeks or at your own pace --- i found but a bit pricy i thought.... any other options?

  2. Jonathan Whatley

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    Help us help you:

    You're interested in qualifying for nursing school or PA school. Are you also looking to apply to medical school? Between the subject and the message body this isn't clear. Prerequisite courses will differ to some extent between each category, and to some extent between schools within each category. For instance, you mention organic chemistry. I believe nursing programs rarely if ever have an organic chemistry prerequisite. I think PA programs commonly require 4 sh of organic chemistry with lab, which might be fulfillable with biochemistry. U.S. medical schools generally will require 8 sh of organic chemistry with lab. Meanwhile, I believe undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology is a prerequisite for PA programs and a prerequisite for or part of nursing programs, but rarely if ever required for medical school. Some nursing schools will want medical terminology. A few medical schools will want calculus (very few)!

    You should expect that some medical, nursing, and PA programs will accept prerequisites earned by distance, but that some won't. Here's one school in each category that won't: The PA program Baylor: "Courses requiring laboratory sections cannot be completed online." Nursing at Butte College: "online lab not accepted." Medicine at U. Wisc: "As these courses require a laboratory component, they may not be taken online."

    Also, four weeks is a a very short timeframe for the courses you're looking at.

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