Accelerated MS in Computer/IT/IA other than Capitol?

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by jam937, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. jam937

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    Are there any accelerated MS computer degrees that can be done in a year if you were a 100% student? I'm thinking about taking a year off work and focusing on a MS degree. It looks like the MS from Capitol College can be done in 18 months with their 8 week classes. I think some are 16 week classes.

    I would be starting with a B.A. in Computer Science from Thomas Edison
    I have been a software developer and DBA for 18 years
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    National University also offers a one-year MS in Computer Science that can be done online. Franklin University is another school that offer MS in CS, so is the CS program offered by the University of West Georgia, which takes 24 months (depending on pace) but cost only $271 per credit hour. Nova Southeastern University and Columbus State University also offer CS master degree. There is also this list to look at:
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  4. jam937

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    Thanks for the input

    Nova Southern looks promising and they specifically state 12 months for full time students. I like the fact that it's a "Computer Science" degree and not a specialty degree.

    I also found that Regis University has a software engineering masters with 8 week classes that can technically be done in 12 months. I would benefit as two of the electives could be C# development of which I am an expert. Would help the GPA and make those classes easier.
  5. dcan

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    My late boss/mentor/friend got his DBA in IT from Nova. Had nothing but high praise for the school.
  6. seduflow

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    minot university informations systems degree...state price!
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    Wow the Minot State Univ. MSIS degree can be done in 9 months if you start in the fall and tuition is under $8000 as everyone pays in-state. Interesting

    MSIS Program Curriculum and Course Rotations
    MSU - College of Business

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    I am in my third term at MSU. Highly recommended. Inexpensive and the people/instructors have been outstanding to work with.

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