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    Hi all,

    I'm new here. Have lurked around the forums for years and want to ask for input on a decision I'm currently making.

    I have a B.S. Religion from Liberty University and an M.A. Theological Studies from Liberty as well. I have 9 years of educational experience: 5 in higher ed (admissions, financial aid, and library services) 2 in non-profit (credit recovery) and now 2 in private K-12 (academic advisor/school counselor).

    My decision is between earning a second masters, most likely the Academic Advising degree from Kansas State, or an Ed.D. in Ed Leadership. My goal for now is to continue working in academic advising, maybe with a switch back to higher ed, but I also want to move up. I could see myself being a private K-12 principal/headmaster or a small college/community college President after moving up through the ranks.

    Given my lack of an education degree but clear skills from work experience, should I back track to a second masters or forge ahead with my doctorate? I don't want to get the doctorate too early and be overqualified in today's market, and the K State program seems great, but I also don't want to sell myself short.

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