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  1. tiburontigre

    tiburontigre New Member

    Hi, i'm from argentina, and i've been working for more than 10 years in a company. I was in a good position as member of the board of directors. Now i'm looking for a new job, but i don't have a college degree (it's not so easy in argentina when you have to work 10 hours a day). My resume it´s excellent about my experience, but not about my studies. One option that i have is to get college degree from Suffield University by paying 300 bucks. I know that maybe in the U.S. has no value, but in my country all i need is to say (and show) that i have some kind of degree. Nobody will care wath kind and from wath college. Wath i want to know is if there is any other like suffield that you can recommend me. Thanks and sorry if i make any mistake. I never took english lessons. I just watched a lot of movies with subtitles!!!
  2. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I think it would be hard to find someone that would recommend a good degree mill when that is something most (if not all) of the members are against
  3. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Your English is far better than my Spanish.

    I have been writing books on degrees and on degree mills for 30 years. Over that time, I have received quite a few -- more than 30 -- letters from people in Argentina, who were asking for help because their fake degrees had been discovered, and they either lost their jobs, or had other trouble.

    Just two months ago was a letter from a lady named Aida in Buenos Aires, who had a fake degree from the same phony that sells Suffield Degrees. Her employer had found out, and was threatening to fire her, unless she could provide proof that the school was real. She asked me for help -- but because the degree was fake, there was nothing I could say.

    My best advice is that if you are determined to do this thing, you make your own diploma on the computer for Maradona University, or any name you choose, and have a copy shop make one copy. Then put the $300 you have saved into a fund to pay a lawyer for help, because some day you will probably need it.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sound advice, John! I just graduated with an MBA from Maradona University. Excellent program..................;)
  5. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Your English looks pretty good to me (I have seen worse writing here in the USA).

    I agree with my fellow posters that a "degree mill" degree is worthless and could land you in trouble (if the laws were to change in your country for example).

    What degree subject are you interested in? Perhaps then someone might direct you to a college or organization that might have scholarships available.
  6. horne

    horne New Member

    Since you have been in the corporate world for more than a decade perhaps it would be benefical to puruse a MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. Aspen University offers a MBA programme for less than USD10000 (closer to USD7200) . You can apply to Aspen University's MBA programme without a prior Bachelor degree as well if you read the web site and submit the appropriate paperwork. It is a real degree from a real school unlike Suffield University.
  7. Kirkland

    Kirkland New Member

    DON'T BUY A DEGREE!!! You will regret that and look over your professional shoulder for the rest of your life. Getting a degree is never easy. There are however a number of legitimate options that you can pursue that are relatively inexpensive, flexible in meeting your schedule, and real. Perhaps an Associates degree would suffice to get you started e.g. Ashworth College www.ashworthcollege.com
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  8. beachhoppr

    beachhoppr New Member

    you only work 10 hours a day? Sheesh I am moving to Argentina
  9. aic712

    aic712 Member

    all I have to say is that there are plenty of legitimate options out there. A degree is earned, not purchased, so you are in fact showing your employer/potential employer a receipt.
  10. Kit

    Kit New Member

    I can only echo the concerns of others. Please earn your degree, don't simply buy a useless piece of paper. Even though you think it may not matter, clearly you know the difference. Since you do know the difference, you also know your own peace of mind is worth a legitimate pursuit and that you are capable of one. Do you really believe your mind can have peace if you just buy a fake degree?

  11. bullet

    bullet New Member


    Che Boludo,

    Como se te ocurre en un forum de americanos decir semejante boludeces????

    Estudie, en una universidad "online" pero no te metas en problemas con titulos sin valor academico.
  12. Kirkland

    Kirkland New Member

    Re: Boludo

    Is this the correct translation?

    Che Stupid,

    Does it occur to you that you are in a forum of Americans that are telling you this is stupid???

    Study, in a university "online" but avoid the problems of being a holder of a degree without academic value.
  13. bullet

    bullet New Member

    not really

    Actually "Boludo" is an argentinian (sp?) expression like saying "your balls are big".

    Say it with me "che, BOLUDO" !!!

    The next part means "how can you be so irresponsible to come to an american forum to say such "big balls" things."

    The last line is trying to tell him/her there are good online universities but to avoid one without academic value.


    Your spanish is very good!
  14. tiburontigre

    tiburontigre New Member

    Originally posted by bullet
    Che Boludo,

    Como se te ocurre en un forum de americanos decir semejante boludeces????

    Estudie, en una universidad "online" pero no te metas en problemas con titulos sin valor academico.

    Bullet: Quizas naciste sabiendolo todo y eso no te convierta en un boludo. Yo, como todos los dias aprendo algo nuevo, pregunto cuando no se. No se me ocurre preguntar boludeces, porque desconozco como funcionan esos diplomas. Tienen un sitio oficial, dicen ser reconocidos por tal o cual ley. Pero como desconfio de lo facil, pregunto en este lugar que parece serio y por lo visto lo es.
    Gracias por las respuestas vertidas en este sitio y como veo que tu ingles es excelente, espero tengas la honradez de traducir esto para los otros usuarios que se tomaron la molestia de contestarme.

    PD: Si sos argentino, sabras que Mario Pergolini nunca estudio, sin embargo, por sus conocimientos, la UADE le otorgara un diploma en Periodismo solo por asistir algunas veces a dar charlas. Me parece que no esta muy lejos de los que ofrecen Suffield o cualquier otro sitio parecido.

  15. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Nu înteleg.
  16. philosophy

    philosophy New Member

    don't buy a degree... earn one.

    I would echo what everyone else has said. You should never just purchase a degree, you should earn one. You will be waisting your money. Sure, you may not get a position because you don't have a degree, but it will pay off in the long run to be honest.

    Good luck. John Bear, what can I say? You have done a fine job with helping others, and I always look forward to your posts.

    Hope everyone has a nice New Year!
  17. Kit

    Kit New Member

    Diploma mill sites always say they are official. They lie just to try to get your money. But all they have that is "official" is their web site itself, no school exists and the degrees they sell are not real.

    No, someone being granted an honorary degree is not at all the same thing as someone else buying a fake degree from Suffield. The first example is an honor given to someone who has produced recognized and quality work in their field for many years, the second example is just fraud. Besides, people who are granted honorary degrees do not claim they earned those degrees and they generally do not use those degrees as official credentials. For example, if someone were granted an honorary Ph.D. they would not use the title "Dr.". If they did they would appear foolish.

    Por favor, gane su diploma de una universidad que sea verdadera.

  18. tiburontigre

    tiburontigre New Member

    I understand the difference between Fake and Honorary. What i didn't know was if Suffield was a REAL college or not. Now i know that diplomas from Suffield are equal to one made for me on my computer. But, as i said before, there is no way i can know about diplomas if i dont ask.
    About "honorary" degrees, and the example of Mario Pergolini (is a famous guy who has a tv show, radio show, a tv companie and more) the universtiy is giving him a diploma, not an Honorary. They giving him the diploma in exchange of a number of presentations and the university will get paid for the public so, in some way is like paying, not with money but with your work or something else. But the university that is giving the diploma is a real one, not a fake like suffield.
    Now that i know, i will alert others from my country who believes that what they are buying is a real diploma granted for "live achievements".

    Have a nice year
  19. bullet

    bullet New Member


    Pero, en realidad no te comprendo. Por mas que no sabeis, debes saber que vulgarmente comprar un titulo no es la manera.

    No, lo tomes como que yo lo supiera todo!

    Bueno, me voy por un buen asado y una botellita de vino.


  20. stock

    stock New Member

    my advice.. DON'T BUY a degree. Never worth it.. Aspen univ, umuc, uop are reputated schools which can help. Look up geteducated.com for more details.

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