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    I currently have an associates degree in Engineering, I am wanting to finish my bachelors in Computer Science. ABET accreditation is a big deal in the community I live in due to the local colleges having it. I work full time now so online just works best for me. I found Regis has an ABET accredited program, but was wondering if there are others out there that I can not find at this time. Thanks for the help in advance!!!

    Also what your thoughts about Regis?
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    Capitol College is ABET accredited.
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    Does anyone have any thoughts about Regis? Or has anyone attended Regis?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    My best friend completed his Master of Science in Project Management through Regis University via distance learning. He had great experience about the school and faculty members. Once his house was burned down, and he received great supports from the faculty members as well as the administrative staffs. They provided him with full-refunds, even though he was halfway to the semester. Regis University is also the member of the Association of Jesuit College and Universities; which along with Boston College, Georgetown University, Fordham University, and etc. Regis University also offers tuition-free and resources for students of United Nations refugee camp in Kenya. Over all, the institution is not ranked in the National level at US Newsweek; however, it has good reputation with brick and mortar campus in Denver, Colorado.

    The only problem is that I am afraid of people might think you earn a degree from (Saint) St. Regis University. A degree mill granting institution locates somewhere in Libya; I assume the institution is now deducted likes Muammar Gaddafi.
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    I'm currently 8 months from completing my BS in Computer Science at Regis University. I'll echo everything TEKMAN said. I have no complaints with the school or program. The faculty have all been fantastic...they range from adjunct professors to full-time tenure Ph.Ds. Many of the course creators actually teach the courses, so their knowledge of the material is phenomenal. The classes are 8-weeks long and tend to be on the difficult side. Plenty of people end up dropping or gets D's and F's if they fall behind (I hear them talking about it in subsequent courses). I have minor complaints with some technical issues, but it's just nitpicking.

    They added a few requirements for the ABET accreditation. Me and a friend of mine were the first to take the new Principles of Programming Languages class this last Fall. Amazing class...humbling to say the least (CS goes so much deeper than you would first suspect).

    It's true Regis isn't ranked nationally because they're not a research facility and don't award many PhDs. However, it is ranked #31 regionally (west), so the quality is good.

    Oh, and you'll be required to take 6 units of religious studies (it's a Jesuit school, after all). But to be fair, you have to take 3 semesters of foreign languages at FSU (the only other ABET/CAC accredited online CS program).

    Anyway, I'm not trying to advertise for Regis. There are plenty of great programs out there. I can only speak about Regis because I am going there. If you live in the Colorado area, there are plenty of opportunities for jobs & networking (I receive emails about this all the time). Unfortunately, I'm in California, which is part of the reason why I'm going to enroll in a local CSU or UC for my MS in Computer Science.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    This is just happening at any institutions, especially via distance learning. I had horrible experience to reach my academic adviser at Southern Methodist University; 3 attempts through email, 3 attempts through phone, and several time speaking with the clerk. Then after 3 months, I was able to reach my academic adviser.
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    Well, FSU is pretty much being ruled out due to the foreign language requirements. I replied to another post earlier on somebody saying to check on employment statistics of alumni from different schools. What is a reliable way to check this out? Also thanks for the replies that this has received already!
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    Should be starting in March at Regis!
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    Awesome, congratulations on your decision. Let me know if you want to know my opinion on the best instructors for your courses.

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