Abdulah K. Dunbar vouches for Saint Regis

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  1. uncle janko

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    How nice. The VU office in Liberia is one short block away from the Adam Smith office in Liberia.:rolleyes:
  2. oxpecker

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    I would guess that someone (probably associated with St. Regis) went to the Embassy to speak with Dunbar, and obtained a copy of the letter. He/she then left the Embassy, and faxed it from the first place he/she found with an available fax machine. Doesn't seem too mysterious to me!

    But I am also in awe of the detective work!
  3. galanga

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    That is very sensible, but SRU says the "letter was faxed by the Liberian Embassy officials." So there's still a little something missing, I think. Who knows! :)

  4. Mike Albrecht

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    Re: maybe...

    Maybe their fax was down, their phone had been disconnected, or he stopped for a slurrpy and remembered to fax it then.

    All logical.
  5. BillDayson

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    Here's something that I find mysterious.

    SRU is theoretically a Liberian university and it purports to be located in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. Yet when SRU wants written verification of their Liberian status, they appeal to Liberia's embassy in Washington DC (assuming that's where the letter originated). I mean, why don't they walk down the street to the ministry right there in Monrovia and get a letter signed by the minister of education?

    Why does everything always seem to end up revolving around Mr. Abdulah K. Dunbar?

    It's probably already been discussed here before, but here's a Dec. 21, 2003 Rochester NY newspaper story in which Mr. Richard Novak, St. Regis' executive vice chancellor and international affairs manager, told a reporter that Mr. Dunbar "helped arrange St. Regis' accreditation".

    (The story has a whole bunch of interesting stuff in it.)

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  6. Dennis Ruhl

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  7. MichaelR

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    They have changed the letter and removed the fax number..... Talk about someones hard work going down the drain :)

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