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  1. nosborne48

    nosborne48 Well-Known Member

    I have a co worker who is thinking of getting a non Bar JD. Naturally, I gave him far more info than he really wanted.

    In the course of the conversation, Oakbrook came up; at $3000/year, it would be a very good D/L option if the religiosity isn't a problem.

    ANYWAY, I took a look at the July 2003 and earlier CA Bar exam results. The fact is, boys and girls, ABA schools consistantly outperform Calbar accredited schools, who consistantly outperform unaccredited and D/L schools. Even Oakbrook's results, while quite impressive, are less than spectacular when compared with the general run of ABA schools.

    Does this mean that I am wrong yet again? Does the ABA actually know what it is doing??
  2. marty

    marty New Member

    Actually, since the February, 2000 bar exam, correspondence schools have been outperforming non-ABA, Ca. approved schools.

    July '03: CA: 14.9...........D/L: 14.8
    Feb '03: CA: 17.5..........D/L: 27.1
    Jul '02: CA: 18.5..........D/L: 21.4
    Feb '02: CA: 18.0..........D/L: 26.0
    Jul '01: CA: 25.0..........D/L: 25.0
    Feb '01: CA: 18.0..........D/L: 17.0
    Jul '00: CA: 23.1..........D/L: 25.0
    Feb '00: CA: 26.0..........D/L: 35.0
  3. Redlyne Racer

    Redlyne Racer member

    No. Since ABA schools only take the very top students, it stands to reason that they will outperform schools who take whatever is left over. This is one of the ABA's useless apples-oranges comparisons. Part-time students, people with jobs, lives, no money, etc., tend not to go to the top schools. On the other hand, the stats Marty sites suggest that DL programs are well-suited for the part-time, working, poor, etc. student. That's probably why the ABA doesn't accredit them.
  4. nosborne48

    nosborne48 Well-Known Member


    Aha. That is a very interesting observation. Are you saying that the best STUDENTS go with the ABA schools?

    That might explain the Oakbrook phenomenon. Perhaps the special "religious calling" orientation of the Oakbrook program has the effect of pre selecting students who are more likely to succeed that the general run of D/L law students.

    Man, I wish I were an academic. There's a WHOLE LOTTA RESEARCH that needs to be done!
  5. nosborne48

    nosborne48 Well-Known Member

    Oh, in defense of the ABA though, when I went to law school, I had three small children to support and care for and a non-working wife (eventual divorce; she moved out and left me with the children). I assure you I had plenty of financial and personal worries yet I completed my degree at an ABA school in a three year, full time day program.

    I assure you that it IS possible even for people "with a life". The trick is, though, that you need to get into a STATE school and not go lusting after a hideously expensive "prestige" private law school degree.

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