AACSB versus IACBE - And the winner is?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by LadyExecutive, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Many years ago when I first considered a doctorate I decided to do some serious research before committing to such an endevor. This organization was helpful:

    The PhD Project: Business Doctoral Programs for Minorities

    Note the schools listed there. All AACSB. The PhD Project: Real World Success

    Corporate sponsors: The PhD Project: Corporate Sponsors

    This new group of young future educators already see the bias against online PhDs.
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    Again, because the accreditation is about the "faculty" not the "school".
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    If that's their own organization, then they're not seeing it, they're actively engaging in it.
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    How do you spell "indoctrination"? ;)
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    The sad thing is that distance learning can be the only viable option for many who are trying to work their way up the ladder. That leads to statistics like more American minority students earning their doctorates from Nova Southeastern than from any other school, for example. So this group is basically instituting an academic paper bag test, which is pretty disappointing.
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    Not only have I made the mistake here, but I make the mistake often. You are correct, I meant Florida Institute of Technology. I actually just completed a Federal Contracting Conference there and earned credit hours and a beautiful looking professional certificate to add to my collection of certificates that I have no clue what I'll do with. But, I digress. I was actually talking about Florida Institute of Technology and their online MBA program and not Florida Technical Institute. Thank you for recognizing my error and reminding me. I'll get this straight eventually. :)
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    Sorry to bump an old post, but I stumbled across this thread researching FIT's MBA program. This is one of top result in Google, so I figured it'd be good to add some clarification here.

    Florida Tech Online (FTO) is the same as Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). FTO is the name FIT uses to advertise their online programs. If you take FTO classes, your degree will be from FIT. Virginia Tech does the same thing. Virginia Tech's official name is Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. However, they market their online degrees under the name Virginia Tech Online.

    In my research, I found FIT pursued AACSB accreditation a few years ago, but then they decided to launch an online MBA. The online courses are mostly delivered through pre-recorded videos and most of the professors are part-time adjuncts, which does not fit the AACSB's requirements. Now FIT has IACBE accreditation, which is better than nothing, but it's still less desirable than AACSB accreditation.

    Ultimately, I decided to go to FIU online. FIT is ranked more highly as a university overall, but FIU's MBA is AACSB accredited and since I'm a Florida resident, the tuition is much cheaper.
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    AACSB versus IACBE - And the winner is? ACBSP who just added 22 accredited schools.
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    AACSB versus IACBE verses ACBSP . . . .

    The real question you need to ask is what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to teach, then AACSB would be your best option. If your a working professional with a strong professional acumen (resume) then IACBE or ACBSP might be your best option. It really all depends and is completely up for debate.

    When I was looking into an MBA, I was able to rule out AACSB because I had no aspirations to teach. However, other considerations (not mentioned) were more important to me on a personal level; which guided my decision in selecting where I wanted to go for my MBA.
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