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    hi i'm looking for a little or no residency dba/phd thats not longer than 3 years. I'm in arizona so no choices that i can find - pepperdine is good but its so expensive 165k!
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    Some accredited DBA programs that are not on the list:

    Aston , UK
    Durham University , UK. 4-6 years.
    IE Business School in Spain. 60,000 EURO. 4 years. 3 residency of 2 weeks each in Spain.

    I'm looking into DBA programs myself right now but only ones that work for me are some of the UK or Euro ones or Athabasca, University of Calgary since its only 1 flight away not too bad to go once a month.
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    If you are looking at Athabasca then have a look also at Royal Roads http://www.royalroads.ca/prospective-students/doctor-business-administration
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