AACSB Accredited MBA w/ Accounting Concentration

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  1. ideafx

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    I'm searching for an AACSB accredited MBA program that offers at least 9-12 specialized accounting credits plus a business law course. The business law course can't be Legal & Ethical Environment of Business/Business Law 1, since I already have those credits. Ideally, the course should be Advanced Business Law Topics or Corporate Law. The accounting courses should should cover advanced auditing, advanced tax accounting or something similar.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Have you looked at Jacksonville State? I know they are AACSB and offer an MBA in Accounting and total cost is under $10K.
  4. ideafx

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    Jacksonville doesn't offer the additional business law course that I need, and I really don't want to attend another school for a single course. I already have too many transcripts to deal with.
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    You may be able to pick up extra courses here:
    UWF - Department of Accounting & Finance - Certificate Programs - Accounting

    That way you can get whatever MBA you want and just pick up a course(s) as needed from UWF on the cheap (eligible for out of state tuition waiver).
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    One more is UMASS-Lowell: Online MBA Program – UMass Lowell

    With this and many other MBAs you could look at the possibility of transferring in a course as an elective from another department or institution that they do not offer (ie BUL 5831 - Commercial Law from UWF).

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