AACRAO is Stumped With My Review.

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  1. My cat understood it just fine though..... especially after her morning Meow Mix....
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    IEE published the changes in requirements.

    Educational Requirements

    Whe they say unaccredited degree what they really say is - accredited by IEE or other recognized body by UKEC its not as some may understand unaccredited at all. Its like to say in US
    non ABET accredited degree.

  3. CalDog

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    Yes...but note that "further learning to Masters Level" does not necessarily mean that you need an MS degree or graduate-level coursework. There are many other ways to demonstrate a "Masters Level" of competency (see Appendix 3 here), including "work-based further learning", or submitting a "work-based technical report", or passing government-sponsored "EC(UK)" exams.

    A US PE typically requires 4 years of professional experience after the BS degree, then passing a rigorous government-sponsored 8-hour exam. Such requirements are comparable to the UK "work-based further learning" and "EC(UK) exam" routes for the CEng.

    The US PE, like the UK CEng, is commonly assumed to demonstrate MS-level competency. In both cases, an actual MS degree is helpful, but not strictly required.

    Note also that IEE is only one of many UK engineering institutions. Others may have different CEng requirements.
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    Only AACRAO knows for sure. My guesses:

    (1) The qualification was awarded based on work experience and examination, rather than by the traditional classroom approach

    (2) In the UK, the qualification is regarded as equivalent to a traditional classroom-based BS degree

    (3) In the US, such non-traditional qualifications may or may not be accepted by academic institutions.

    (4) AACRAO recommends that US institutions do accept it as BS-equivalent, even though it is non-standard, and allow the candidate to study at the MS level

    Of course, my interpretations could be incorrect.
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    thanks for answering my question.


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