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  1. RJT

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    What's the consensus of Senir University? What I really like is that I can pursue an MBA thru coursework or individualized study, where I have to pass orals. This would take much less time than at a traduitional school. It's interesting to note that the head of the business school is an RN and PhD. Looks as if they are obtining full accrditation in Canada, and are state liscened in WY. Also have a very slick website, and an imprtant sounding name. ... Senior univeristy. makes me think of a Senior VP.

    Thoughts, comments. Interesting to see how many foreign schools are setting up operations in the States. Possibley because there is a large populus with $$$.:eek:
  2. Craig Hargis

    Craig Hargis New Member

    An important sounding name??? What are they, the educational wing of the grey panthers? I think it is a horrible name for either a univesity or a "university." I'm sorry but I can't help reading "senior" as "geriatric"--I think it is intended as a play on "senior high school," but would not a "senior university" be a graduate school?
  3. Mike Albrecht

    Mike Albrecht New Member

    CSULB - Senior University

    Well if you mean this Senior University, which is in the LA area, it is quite genuine, very RA and highly respectable.
  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I assume Mr. or Ms. T is referring to the Senior University in British Columbia, co-founded and co-owned by Les Carr, co-founder and co-owner of the late Columbia Pacific University and the current Columbia Commonwealth University.

    Accreditation had been (but apparently no longer) claimed from the dreadful APICS agency.

    The name was carefully chosen because Dr. Carr was specifically going after the geezer market. Originally, I think, the plan was to accept only students over a certain advanced age.

    Admittedly there were some impressive names associated with Senior, including some former presidents of Canadian universities. (At one time, Columbia Pacific had three former Presidents of regionally accredited schools on staff. And the former British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, spoke at a Columbia Pacific graduation ceremony.)

    People choose degree programs presumably because they believe those degrees will be useful to them in some way. In the academic world, US and Canada, based on my research project with registrars in 2000, reported at their national convention last year, it is safe to predict that out of every 100 registrars asked if they would recognize Senior University credits or degrees on a regular basis, somewhere between 0 and 3 would say yes.

    On the other hand, acceptance in the business world is likely to be higher.

    As with any school and any degree, one should always determine, as best one can, if it will meet current and predictable future needs.
  5. Craig Hargis

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    The geezer market?

    That's funny now, but I am afraid I will be a part of that market all too soon--I'll be in line to get that doctorate in gerontology, accreditation unimportant. I wonder if Senior U will still be around. Do they have a football team--I still have two years of eligibility!

    But right now I'll keep on studying at Midlife Crisis U.;)
  6. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    From website

    Senior University.
    Richmond, British Columbia

    Licensed in Wyoming.

    Fully accredited by the Akademie fur Internationale Kultur - Und Wissenschaftysforderung (my ancestors left Germany - don't blame me)

    Registered under the Private Post-Secondary Act of the Province of British Columbia.

    Licensed in one jurisdiction, operating in another, accredited in another - is this a good sign?
  7. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    Found a newer website - the German accreditation seems to be kaput.

    The have applied for accreditation by the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission, which I have never heard of. On checking, I find that its membership consists of non-degree granting career colleges. Want to learn to file?

    I believe Senior University is authorized to operate in British Columbia as a branch of a foreign university and has no Canadian degree granting authority. City University and the University of Phoenix have similar status. Its operation in Canada is definitely legal, based on its licensing in Wyoming.

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