A Survey on the Quality of Online Education

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    Don't think it's been posted.

    Just scanned it and it seems positive towards online education.

    Some B&Ms could be in trouble.
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    Thanks, Bruboy, for posting this. Interesting study! I think I will include in my research. Perceptions of online learning appear to have improved from, say, 5 years ago but still lag behind in learning outcomes.
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    Re: Re: A Survey on the Quality of Online Education

    Seems that institutions and students accept online learning, but faculty members are more resistant.

    It's also interesting to note that overall, the majority feels that the quality of online learning will be the same or superior to face-to-face learning within three years from when the report was written (2003).
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    One issue with the teachers has been, and still is in some areas, that they are required to put their lectures, assessments etc on line. They are paid as a class based teacher, and the Unis are trying to get material for 300 students used for 3,000 students and no payment to the teacher - the argument being that the Uni has the copyright. I for one refused to do it.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: A Survey on the Quality of Online Education

    Do teachers sign an agreement with institutations that cover copyrights, class sizes, etc? Do you believe that this would have an impact on the quality of course offerings due to some teachers refusing to teach online?
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    Thank you for posting this. This will be a very valuable resource as I help to build the online program at my university.

    To answer your question, the issue of copyright is actually one of "intellectual property" (i.e. who "owns" the online course once it has been developed?) There is no consistent model for this in higher education. It is usually a bargained item in the faculty contract. Some institutions give ownership (including future royalties) to the faculty member who designed the course, which includes the responsibility for making sure that the course is consistently updated.

    Other institutions take the stance that "since you used college time, college resources, college-owned software and were paid for your development time, the college owns it. Several of the virtual universities use teams of professional instructional designers to develop the courses, so intellectual ownership by faculty becomes a non-issue.

    Frankly, most institutions really have not addressed the subject, which then becomes an issue when the faculty member leaves or retires and they wish to continue using the online course or wish to have someone teach the online course that did not develop it.

    Tony Piña
    Northeastern Illinois University
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Survey on the Quality of Online Education

    I'm glad that the post is useful for someone, and thanks for your response to my question.

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