A secret embarrassment that has finally come to a head

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by LearningAddict, Apr 1, 2021.

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    I need to get this off my chest.

    I have always warned others about shady schools and have always done my best to help others steer clear of schools that are only out to take your money and run. I thought I had enough information and experience behind me that it could never happen to me.

    2 years ago, I got into some conversations with an instructor at the International Non-Olympic University, and after some very impressive discussions. I was assured that all of the online chatter about them was bogus, and that was a school of people dedicated to helping people learn. On the confidence I placed in Professor Alwad El-Amin, I was convinced to enroll with an advance payment of $15,000 USD. They made very convincing promises of the level of learning and contact I would receive and for a while everything was going well.

    But, in the last 3 months, and after now having racked up over $38,000 in total tuition and fees, I have not been able to contact anyone at the school. None of my emails are being returned, and I haven't been able to log in and take an exam for about 5 months! Just today I have not even been able to reach the site at all as it times out completely. Here is all I see:

    This site can’t be reached
    inou-edu.org took too long to respond.



    I feel like they have taken my money and run off! I just recently had my bank shut down the automatic payment program they had me enrolled in and I plan to fight to recover some of the money I've already lost but that looks bleak.

    All I wanted was a degree in Animal Science, and instead I have been treated like an animal. Let this be a lesson to everyone that this can happen to anyone. All it takes is a slick talker promising you exactly what you want.
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  3. AsianStew

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    Really eh? Hmm... that was an interesting read...
  4. Steve Levicoff

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    Awwwwww . . . As I read your moving post, I was beginning to feel my usual sense of schadenfreude. (Look it up, y'all.)

    Then I realized what today's date is.

    Now I'm sooooooooooo disapppointed. :D
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    Learning Addict. I am sorry about the issues that you have been having with the billing department. I hope you get all those things worked out, but I do have some questions. How would you compare the curriculum of INOU with, say, Hellenic-American University? Is is mostly asynchronous? That is my only problem with HAU. I like that both schools have a connection to Greece. INOU might be a little bit more pricey, but it might be of value to avoid the six hours of synchronous meetings per week. I suppose that it is always a tradeoff between time and money with these things.
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    Well, for the Animal Science program, if you successfully capture and submit your first of ten required blood samples from a grizzly bear in the woods and you survive the severe mauling injuries you will almost certainly sustain, you're allowed to study as asynchronously as you like from the comfort of the ICU. However, whether conscious or not, tuition will still be due on the 1st, no exceptions.
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    Hahahaha. Sounds more like Ashford University. Or is that Assford? Ehn, I've never really been sure.
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    Oh, BTW, if I could make LearningAddict you feel better, I was enrolled in EUCLID...:D
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    Out of curiosity, I opened the website and it shows the school in all its glory. A few links within the site are dead, however.
  12. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    I guess it's back now, but it being down for the day I wrote that was perfect timing, lol.
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    It's still down for me.

    Back in 2014, I posted an enquiry on their website asking for their accreditation status. I also pointed their lack of accreditation from regular accrediting agencies in India (UGC, AICTE).

    Their "so-called" registrar (I am not mentioning the name of the person) replied (by email) calling me fake person. There were few emails exchanged me asking for their accreditation status, and he insisting I share my "full contact details" before he can disclose their accreditation.

    I emailed UGC about this shady school, but UGC being UGC (Government), never bothered to respond.

    EDIT: LearningAddict - you triggered my "Indian School" radar but damn!! I missed the date of posting :)
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    I actually thought about enrolling in EUCLID just to see if the materials are useful, but without a comparable doctorate or Masters I wouldn't be able to evaluate the quality.

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