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    TESC admissions office told me I need 33 credits in math and 6 credits in Physics to get a second bachelor degree in math. The courses include differential Calculus, Integral Calculus , Multivariate Calculus, Linear algebra, probability/statistics, abstract algebra, applied mathematics, geomery, modern algebra, history of matheatics, number theory, complex variables, General Physics 1, General Physics 2. I am planning to either take online courses or take tests before enrolling at TESC. Any schools or programs to recommend?
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    Since TESC requires 33 credit hours in mathematics and physics to earn a second bachelors degree you might want to consider enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics at Saint Mary of the Woods College. I was told that to earn a second bachelor degree, thirty-six (39) credit hours would be required. "To obtain a second degree, you would need to take the 30 hours of math, as well as two theology and one ID4XX level class, if not met already." The courses are offered via distance education.

    If TESC better meets your needs, then University of North Dakota or Ohio University offer various mathematics courses.

    Ohio University: http://www.ohiou.edu/independent/list2.htm#math
    University of North Dakota: https://dce.und.edu/dce/index.php

    Saint Mary of the Woods College:

    Jennifer L. Griffith
    Associate Director of Admission
    Office of Distance & Graduate Admission
    Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
    Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876
    [email protected]
    Phone 812.535.5242
    Fax 812.535.5010
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    Athabasca University (in Canada) offers the following courses:

    MATH 100 Developmental Mathematics
    MATH 101 Transitional Mathematics
    MATH 209 Finite Mathematics
    MATH 215 Introduction to Statistics
    MATH 216 Computer-Oriented Approach to Statistics
    MATH 244 Business Mathematics
    MATH 265 Introduction to Calculus I
    MATH 266 Introduction to Calculus II
    MATH 270 Linear Algebra I
    MATH 271 Linear Algebra II
    MATH 309 Discrete Mathematics
    MATH 365 Calculus— Several Variables
    MATH 376 Ordinary Differential Equations (Reading Course)
    MATH 495 Mathematics Projects I
    MATH 496 Mathematics Projects II

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  5. rongrong99

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    Thanks guys. Will those online programs allow me to take individual courses without being enrolled in a degree program? I also plan to obtain some credits by exams, any suggestions?
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    I'm almost done with my second B.S. in Math at Excelsior. Drop me a pm if you want details.
  7. sentinel

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    As far as I know the schools named in this thread allow students to enroll in individual courses without need to be a degree-seeking student at that institution. Certainly, Athabasca University, Ohio University, and University of North Dakota allow enrollment in individual courses. Athabasca University and Ohio University offer challenge for credit examinations at reduced tuition.
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    This may be a longshot but...what was your first undergraduate field of study? If it was CS, Engineering, Physics, etc. you may want to consider Columbia's MS in Applied Math.

    Point being that some applied Math graduate programs don't require Math as an undergrad (oddly enough). I have seen several where Calculus and Linear Algebra are the only Math prerequisite for graduate admission.

    Just an idea (especially if you're considering 40+ math/physics credits for a 2nd degree).


    P.S. Columbia is crazy expensive
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    Sentinel, could you give me more details about challenge for credit examinations? TESC accepts credits from Athabasca University?
  10. rongrong99

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    You just got a pm.
  11. sentinel

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    <br /> <br /> TESC accepts credits from foreign institutions provided the transcripts have been evaluated by a recognized educational evaluation service. In the case of Athabasca University, though, the school is accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools which apparently means there is no need to submit your transcript to an educational evaluation service. Foreign credits usually are assigned no grade in terms of GPA calculation much like CLEPs are treated I think. Since AU is accredited by MSACS the courses should carry grades upon transfer; check with TESC on this point.

    Athabasca University: Challenge for Credit
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