A school for all points of the globe

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    Well, to paraphrase Salman Rushdie, who has no connection (so far) to GSST, "Bungleditch zindabad!"
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    Doctor Marianus,

    If you think that is a "high school project," what do you think of this dissertation abstract submitted by a person who has apparently been awarded TWO Ph.D. degrees from St. Regis?

    Comparison of US Management Techniques

    It contains such gems as:

    "Products developed in a country are now widely accepted in other regions of the globe as well."

    "With the advancement in communication technology, transportation and other technologies the world has shrink into a global village. "

    "We can now purchase anything from anywhere around the world by sitting in our homes."
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    The blond is mine - you guys find your own.
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    I'm sure that it is every bit as good as all the other St. Regis "dissertations." :rolleyes:

    Tom Nixon

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