A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y i n L o n d o n - accredited?

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    They claim
    The American University in London is a member of:

    • Association of Collegiate Business School of Programs (ACBSP)
    • International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)
    • International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) Norway
    • British Association for Open Learning (BAOL) England
    • European Distance Education Network (EDEN)
    • Accademia Per La Promozione Internazionale Della Cultura E Della Scienza (APICS)
    • American Chamber of Commerce (UK)
    • United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)
    • European University Continuing Education Network (EUCEN)
    • Islington Chamber of Commerce

    Their catalog says they are accredited by
    World association of university and college (WAUC) and
    Global accreditation association USA (www.web-hed.com/wauc)

    IACBE site also claim that A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y i n L o n d o n is accredited by them.


    Great Britain Membership Listing:

    Institutional Members (Location) [Status]
    For Accreditation Status definitions, click here.
    American University in London (London, England)
    [Candidate for Accreditation]

    They also claim that

    The application procedure for international colleges and universities without U.S.-based regional accreditation is as follows:

    Step 1: Provide a complete and signed application form.
    Step 2: Provide a copy of your most recent catalog (undergraduate and graduate).
    Step 3: Provide a copy of your most recent reaffirmation of Accreditation letter from your accrediting body (where appropriate) or your country's letter of authorization or license to operate as an institution of higher education.
    Step 4: Enclose your annual membership dues of $1,350.00 (US dollars). Wire transfer information is included on the application form.
    Step 5: Arrange for a one day preliminary visit to your campus within one year of your IACBE application in order to validate your eligibility to become a "Candidate for Accreditation".
    Step 6: If an institution is in good standing with its accrediting body or governmental body, meets the eligibility requirements, and has a favorable review by the IACBE Board of Commissioners, it will be notified that it is a Candidate for Accreditation.

    Its also listed here

  2. WAUP - not legit

    Note that the list of "colleges and universities" accredited by WAUP contains many less-than-wonderful institutions. Therefore, I would be wary of the institution you are asking about as well since they are not keeping very good company.
  3. Dennis Ruhl

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    How did they manage to get IACBE and ACBSP membership/accreditation?

    They are IACBE - candidate for accreditation and
    ACBSP - membership
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    Wasn't there recently a thread on this school and another with a very similar name. I can't seem to find it quickly. Good explanations were provided.
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    I am not sure if they are legal and legitimate but they claim to be affiliated to Kingston College in Canada.

    I have noticed that the administration of Kingston College is the same as Lansbridge University.
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    Apparently Lansbridge is owned by the Kingston Education Group.

    The affiliation is with the American University "in" London as opposed to the American University "of" London. We just played this game somewhere. Two different schools - similar name.
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    "in" vs. "of"

    Are we talking about "The American University of London (AUOL)" with URL www.americanuniversity.org.uk? (I have a feeling the "of" instead of "in" means that you're not referring to this site, actually.)

    BUT if you are, look who appears in the web site on the AUOL page at

    The American University of London (AUOL)

    WANTED FOR THE USA: Course designers and developers with homeland security expertise in various areas to design courses for the following programs.

    *Certificate in Homeland Security

    *Diploma in Homeland Security

    *Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (with a concentration in Public Safety and Homeland Security)

    *Master of Public Administration (with a concentration in Public Safety and Homeland Security)

    *Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration (with a concentration in Public Safety and Homeland Security)

    *Postgraduate Certificate in Homeland Security

    *Postgraduate Diploma in Homeland Security

    Contact: Dr. Richard J. Hoyer at: [email protected]

    But I think this is likely to be the "school with a similar name" that Dennis refers to, and not the one that the thread is really about.

  10. Dennis Ruhl

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    Re: "in" vs. "of"

    Interesting. Very interesting.
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    not-so-good mathematics course offerings

    I took a look at the "American University IN London" site at http://www.aul.edu/ to see what sort of mathematics courses are offered in their course catalogue.

    It's all precalculus math: algebra, analytic geometry, stuff like that. From the course descriptions, it looks like the material covered is similar to that taught before (advanced placement) calculus in a reasonably good US high school.

    I would expect that a degree-granting institution which listed a "School of Engineering/Computer" in its catalogue (which offers BS, MS, PhD degrees) would need to teach more math.

    In addition, the 31 "Major Areas" listed as available for a BA degree student (62 credits are required in the Major Area) includes Computer Science, Economics, and Mathematics. I would view a graduate in these areas (especially Mathematics!) as undereducated with such a limited range of math courses.

    I would wonder about the educational merits of other subjects if AUL is willing to offer programs this far below par in math, but still grant degrees in that field.

  12. manjuap

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    Re: "in" vs. "of"

    I am talking about the AUL listed on IACBE web site !! They are in the process of getting IACBE accreditation.
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  14. galanga

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    bad math

    The American University IN London curriculum for a math major is inadequate. A bachelor's degree with a concentration in math which requires nothing but pre-calculus math courses is a joke.

    Unless this is an anomaly it does not bode well for the rest of the curriculum.

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    Doesn't the American University (based in Washington, DC) operate a London programme? That's accredited, isn't it?
  16. MarkIsrael@aol.com

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    There's a discussion of "The American University in London" and "The American University of London" in CollegeHints (a forum likely to disappear shortly):

    Dr Marianus notes that there are 3 institutions: "Richmond - the American University in London" also known as "Richmond College" and "the American Intercontinental University", which is RA (Middle States) and not DL (http://www.richmond.ac.uk); "the American University in London", licensed in Iowa, and operating in London since 1978, mostly DL (http://www.aul.edu); and a new Nevis-chartered "American University of London", set up a couple of years ago from a London maildrop, DL (http://www.americanuniversity.org.uk).

    A description of legal proceedings between the first two is at http://www.patent.gov.uk/tm/legal/decisions/2001/o42901.pdf
  17. Dennis Ruhl

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    Thanks Mark

    So I wasn't imagining things.

    Something useful on collegehints.

    Go figure.
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    This is somewhat confusing --

    When I look for the American University of London related to the Richmond link it goes to the "American International University" in London http://www.richmond.ac.uk/ This school also claims RA status with Middle States (as previously noted)http://www.richmond.ac.uk/about_uni/richmond.asp

    This is different from the "American University in London" that is an IACBE candidate. http://www.aul.edu/ This school while being a candidate on the IACBE web site only lists itself as an IACBE member in its brochure and has no mention of membership in WAUC.

  19. David Boyd

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    I had the opportunity to visit American University in London (AUL.edu) a few years ago. It was my understanding they dropped their WAUC accreditation as a result of the facts disclosed in connection with the Taft University/WAUC litigation. It would be disappointing to me if this was not the case.
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    the american university in London even posted tons of ads in the back of well-known magazines such as
    Newsweek and Economist

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