9 free courses for college credit from saylor.org

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    These should be worth about 27 credits, and they require a proctored exam. Check out the website. Here are the courses approved by the NCCRS (organization similar to ACE).

    The Saylor Foundation, College Credit Recommendations: National CCRS

    The free courses:

    Beginning Algebra (MA001)
    •Business Law and Ethics (BUS205)
    •Business Statistics (BUS204)
    •Calculus I (MA005)
    • Corporate Communication (BUS210)
    •Introduction to Computer Science I (CS101)
    • Introduction to Western Political Thought (POLSC201)
    •Principles of Management (BUS208)
    •Principles of Marketing (BUS203)

    What do you guys think? I hope the information helps somebody. It's cheaper than CLEP, and StraighterLine. I did the Introduction to Western Political Thought course. Socrates the gadfly was a wild guy:naughty:
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    The "sister forum" has known about these for awhile. If you're testing out, it's good to follow the other forum in addition to this one. This forum is good for finding various distance education programs, but it doesn't keep up with things that pertain to the Big 3.
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    What is the sister forum?
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    Instantcert forum

    Saylor has been out for a year or so. They started with 3 courses and have been expanding.
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    Has anyone had experience trying to transfer any of these Saylor courses to a four year university?

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