71-86% of Tenure-Track Professors Come from a Quarter of Universities

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    Good articles. It might come as a disappointment to those doing a part time online or distance PhD at non top institutions for the purposes of finding a tenure track position. However, there is a large amount of individuals that already hold appointments in academia as administrators, non tenure track, etc that use these online and distance PhDs for advancement.
    There is also the non academic market, those with PhDs in IT, Business or other professional fields might benefit from a strong market in these fields.
    There is also the market of professional adjuncts that need a PhD to remain employed, I have made living as an adjunct with a $70K to $80K yearly income with a distance doctorate so it is possible to make a living as an adjunct.
    Bottom line is that those doing distance PhDs at non top institutions should be aware of the limitations of these options.

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