$60k AACSB DBA in accounting versus $30k IACBE PhD in accounting

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by life_learner, Jul 15, 2021.

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    I have been weighing the two options: $60k AACSB DBA in accounting versus $30k IACBE PhD in accounting. In terms of college teaching job, would it be worthwhile to spend $30k more to get the AACSB DBA instead of the $30k IACBE PhD?
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    It all depends on which school you're going to, if the AACSB degree is from a more well known school with a good reputation, it may be more worth it there and vice versa, I would not even look at IACBE or just Regionally Accredited unless it's from a state school and more known in your state. It would be either ACBSP or AACSB - generally nothing lower, unless it's absolutely a steal of a deal. I don't know which schools you've decided on or interested in, but there are a few that are ACBSP DBA with several concentrations or a general DBA that is just $32.7K such as the one from Cali Southern... there may be more, but you'll have to search for them...
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    The PhD is from University of Cumberland and the DBA is from Marshall University . It seems Cal Southern DBA does not have accounting major

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    Between Cumberlands and Marshall, you should go for Marshall's DBA. Avoid going to only online schools, especially for-profit even it is regionally accredited.
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    Not that you were saying this, but just to be clear, Cumberlands is non-profit and was a brick and mortar school long before it offered online programs.

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    Life_Learner mentioned Cal Southern; it is a regional accredited for-profit school.
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