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    This State of Wyoming web page lists the state's licensed/not accredited post-secondary degree granting institutions.

    The first one on the list is "American City University" with (according to Wyoming) a UK address at

    Royal Waterloo House
    51-55 Waterloo Road
    London SE1 8TX, England
    Fax: 44-0207-401-2231
    (The UK address on the ACU site is different: it is Wickham Court, West Wickham, Greater London, Kent BR4 9HW)

    and a Wyoming address at

    301 W. 16 th Street , 2nd floor
    Cheyenne, WY 82001-3543, USA
    (307) 433-9560
    Fax: (307) 433-8071.

    The ACU site shows a photo next to this description "The ACU campus in London is part of the Royal Waterloo Centre, a six story building housing extensive educational facilities including a study library, bookshop, cafeteria and computer rooms." The ACU map indicates that this is on Waterloo Road in London, not at the Kent address.

    I was curious about what might be at 51-55 Waterloo Road so I looked it up at the Royal Mail's site. Here's what it says:

    London City College
    London Institute of Shipping & Transport
    Schiller International University
    The European College of Medicine

    Various web sites list various affiliate relationships between Schiller and other schools, including those at 51-55 Waterloo Rd.

    The London City College site shows the same building in a photo as the ACU site, and ACU lists LCC as a partner so the appearance of the building on both sites might just be a mistake of not updating an address.

    Schiller is ACICS accredited (ACICS is a CHEA-recognized national accreditor).

    "The European College of Medicine (ECM), St. Luke School of Medicine's affiliate campus in London, offers a European styled pre-medicine and medicine programme."

    The General Medical Council "licenses doctors to practise medicine in the UK. [Its] purpose is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine." GMC says this about the European College of Medicine:
    What else is at 51-55 Waterloo Road?

    There is:
    New School of Psychotherapy & Counselling
    English Language Institute

    So lots of affiliates. Some accredited, some not.

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