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    I need some expertise :)

    One of the students in our business school is looking for a 5-week summer lab online science course. Price is not an object.

    This student stands a great chance of getting asked to an NFL Training Camp. He's a few credits shy of graduation and wants to get him lab science course done before going to camp.

    The class must have a lab component - so independent study courses from LSU, BYU, etc. won't work.

    I've been Googling for about 20 minutes and I'm not having any luck - thanks in advance!

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  4. Shawn Ambrose

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    Thanks to both of you! I can discuss a couple of options now!

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    Yes and just so your student can be informed, some of the UNE courses use a "virtual lab" (think: computer simulator) while others require "home labs" (dissection in your dining room). All of Ocean's courses require "home labs." Your student may have a preference.

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