5-semester Doctor of Public Health

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    Samford University offers an online DrPh that can be completed in a little over 1.5 years. Instead of a dissertation, students will complete an applied practice experience, which is basically a practicum or internship. There's also an integrative experience in which the student can choose to conduct a research project or apply existing research to a public health project. There are two concentrations: Health Management and Policy and Population Health Analytics and Decision Making.

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    Seems interesting as cost is around $46K. Too bad it was around 2 years ago as ai might have considered since there is a population health analytics component. Although now I would lean more towards health policy.
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    Did anyone apply for this program or is currently enrolled ?
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    I recall they have residency requirements? But not that sure...
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    on admission requirements, I do not see any listed.
    I was just curious because I considered sending an application
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