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    4 month ago, I was quasi insulted as I said that the new 3-year European degree (known as Bologna declaration) is or will be considered to be equivalent to the 4-Year Accredited US degree. Credential evaluators like WES and AUAP were already giving such equivalence.

    I am glad to tell you that I was right. Here is what Duke University writes on its 07/08 International Credential guide on page 6 (in bold letters!).

    "Duke University Graduate School will consider the 3-year Bologna degrees to be equivalent to the 4-year U.S. bachelor’s degrees."

    As my detractors will certainly not trust me here is the link:
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    Thought that is their opinion, it varies widely on weather or not the Bolonga degree's will be found to be equivelant. In many cases if there are no A levels present then the three year degree will fall flat on its face. Again, this is new territory and only time will tell. If you got to a NAFSA or AACRAO conference there will be a session on Bolonga, and there is never a concise answer as to what to do.

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