3 million workers are missing amid the labor shortage, and 2 million of them are immigrants

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Stanislav, Nov 21, 2021.

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    Link working for anyone?
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    It must have been stopped by Trump era policies. ;)
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    This is legitimately funny. :emoji_sweat_smile:
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    Guest worker visas can be rolled out really fast.
    The immigration reform bill that President Biden introduced early in the year was pretty good, unfortunately it was killed.
    I think since April we didn't hear much about it or efforts to modify and try to pass again.
    The current administration can take actions to improve the situation.
    The Immigration from what I hear is not as draconian and this summer there was a major citizenship drive to get eligible migrants to become citizens.
    Basically the ball is in President Biden's court.
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    No they can't.
    Who's the mystery culprit? Killed by whom?
    There is no way a Republican party can agree on any immigration reform that can bring more people in the country.

    You're right, the admin can take actions to improve the situation. I wish they'd do more.
    Some improvements are happening. They got rid of that snake Miller and slowly roll back the sneaky rules he introduced into the system. They settled a court case by getting rid of the separate work authorization application for spouses of L1 and E nonimmigrants, as well as H4 spouses who applied for green card. This is VERY nice for those it applies to (Trump wanted to cancel H4 EAD altogether; courts blocked it), but rather limited. Immigration reform is needed, and it needs to be bipartisan - something that CAN'T happen if GOPniks will keep being afraid of their fascist wing.
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    In the past, I'm talking way back in the 70's, 80's and some 90's there was a path for immigration based on professions.
    For example my uncle immigrated to the US at the time were there was a shortage of plumbers and other professions.
    The process was handled by INS in conjunction with Labor Department. Once permanent labor certification application has been approved by the DOL, the applicant or employer needed to seek the immigration authorization from INS.
    He applied and got certified by the Labor Department, with that certification he continued with INS.
    Finally when time came to get Permanent Residence card he had to travel back to home country to get number of certificates of good character, not owning any money to the country and clear police record and after some more time and final interview he became permanent resident and later a citizen.
    I know many immigrants who immigrated this way, electricians, nurses(RN) among the professions approved by the DOL.
    The process was lengthy but the initial certification provided the right to work, so it was like a work permit.
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    That Phd in C S working well for you? ;)

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