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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by jeepnbeep, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. jeepnbeep

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    I have one class to go to complete a graduate certificate program in Rehab Counseling with University of Arkansas. I was really impressed with their program especially being able to watch their lectures online.

    I am seriously considering another Master's in Social Worker. Counseling Psychology (M.S.) and Licensed Professional Counselor is just not as marketable in the field. Also, the military won't commission me unless I have a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology (APA Program). That would take about 4-5 years to complete.

    Does anyone know of Master's Degree in Social Work? Especially one that will take as much credits since I have some of the counseling courses already.

  2. Jack Tracey

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    Well, you can go to Gradschools.com and search through the drop down menus for Social Work and then then contact the possible schools. I don't think you'll find any schools that will allow you to earn an MSW entirely through DL. Also, none of them will let you transfer many credits. Snobs, those Social Workers. :rolleyes:
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    LCSW Versus LPC

    I don't get it...It seems like we do almost the same things. Why do they honor LCSWs a whole lot more than LPCs...It's not fair:(
  4. Jack Tracey

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    Re: LCSW Versus LPC

    So since when has real life had anything to do with fairness? The answer to your question(s) is, Social Workers (NASW) have a better political lobbying strategy.
    (please believe me when I say that I'm sympathetic to your situation. I'm just offering the best explanation I have.
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    Re: Re: LCSW Versus LPC

    Next to the AARP, the NASW may be one of the most powerful lobbies in America.
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  7. jeepnbeep

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    Thanks Jimmy.

    I called the school a few days ago. Besides being able to transfer 2 graduate courses, I have to also have a BSW to do the Advance Placement. Without that, it will take 4 years to get the MSW:(

    Anyone heard of Canyon College?

    Thanks again.
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    Not accredited by agency recognized by the USDoE. Not recognized by any major social work body.
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    Other than contacting the NASW and getting suggestions, the only other thing I know to do is look at this site and check each school of social work. Good luck!
  10. jeepnbeep

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    Thanks for all the input. Without this site, I would have been suckered to a couple of degree mills like Madison U, West Brook, Breyer or Canyon College.

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