2nd grader expelled...

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    Victory Christian Academy Jacksonville, Florida
    Official Statement as of September 30, 2022

    "...all parents in the class in which this assignment was given received the following correspondence." “For
    homework tonight the paper says to send a picture of them reading their homework in the bathtub. It was
    brought to my attention that that can be interpreted wrong so let me explain. They are supposed to be in
    their pj’s, play clothes, or uniform while reading their homework in the empty bathtub. It’s just supposed to
    be a fun thing for them to do.”
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    I get what you're saying, Michael -- but this appears to be an add-on, possibly to mitigate problems. The mother who complained stated she got this explanation AFTER she emailed the teacher - not with the assignment. As I said - likely a panic afterthought once one complaint was received.

    We'll never know.
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    That was homework?! With or without PJ’s, how is that anywhere academic or promote reading?? My humble opinion.
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    This assignment reminds me a LOT of a print ad by a well-known distance U. - forget which one. It was years ago. A nice, wholesome-looking mom-age woman was in her bathtub. Nothing untoward showing. Arms head and a bit of shoulder. She was doing her homework, working to finish her degree by distance. There was a board across the tub, that both preserved her modesty and held her notes, text and oh yes -- a TYPEWRITER - that's how long ago it was. The theme was that you could now finish the degree you'd started, years ago - from anywhere you chose.

    It was a great ad, pitched to adults -- and nothing objectionable, for them. I bet that teacher has seen it somewhere. But right - it's NOT APPROPRIATE to do this with schoolkids. That lady in the ad was an adult, a professional model, who knew the territory and made her own decision to do that work, for suitable pay. There - one sentence, 5 reasons why the kids should not have had this assignment.

    I don't like the school board spokesperson's reaction, either. It seems the young girl's mother only got the detailed instructions when she e-mailed the teacher. The spokesperson said everyone got those instructions with the assignment. Somehow, I don't think so. If all parents got something, it was probably a panic reaction to initial complaints.

    ANYWAY - at very least, DUMB for the teacher to do, DUMB for the school board to allow. I HOPE there's nothing beyond that.
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