2002 US MBA rankings in BusinessWeek

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  1. Yan

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    BusinessWeek has made rankings in US MBA programs every two years. The 2002 rankings can be accessed at http://asia.businessweek.com/bschools/02/index.html

    One cannot count on so-called "rankings" too much as different sources may have different rankings. It also depends on the credibility and authority of the sources.

    The cover story of the latest issue (Oct. 21) of BusinessWeek (Asia Edition) is on "The Best B Schools". Different bschools made their advertisements in the magazine and they include Chicago, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia, INSEAD, Duke, Cranfield, among others. Interestingly, they also include Robert Kennedy College (does it the same as the Robert F. Kennedy University stated in the Oregon's list?) and Preston University.
  2. Steve King

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    Thanks for posting the article. I find the rankings, and the controversy surrounding the ranking of schools, very interesting. I wonder why their list of "all distance learning programs" was not more extensive. No UoP, Touro, etc. I don't see why they don't list all RA MBA programs?

  3. Ike

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    University of Phoenix (UoP) is actually listed.


    It is listed in the third column, first row.


  4. Homer

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    I don't see why they don't list all RA MBA programs?

    Insufficient data? If a school chooses to withhold data (for whatever reason), they can't construct any kind of a profile other than an entire column of "N/As".

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