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    Rosie just got 2 spams. One says:
    The other has identical text, except the subject line is "A+ccred-t-d colleg- iss-u-s d-gr---s for l-f- exp-r*ienc-" and the URL is http://alwaysdealz4me.com/.

    I'm at my in-laws' in Tijuana right now. Once I'm at a computer that's sufficiently virus- and spyware-protected, I'll check out the Websites.
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    Both links point to sites with the same IP and content.

    Domain name: email-delivery-service.com
    IP Address:
    IP Location: China - Guangxi - Guilin - Beijng
    Zhongguancun Communications Industry Co. Ltd

    Registrant Contact:
    Samson Mrkt
    Frank Bruce ([email protected])
    Fax: none
    5837 standonsandiago, CA 54827 US

    "special university degree programs"
    (Doctoral) degrees cost $499 and include the following subjects:
    Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration
    Doctorate of Philosophy in English
    Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology
    Doctorate of Philosophy in History
    Doctorate of Philosophy in Mathematics.

    The evaluation is free.

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    Re: info

    The American College route is much more cost effective.

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    "Obt-ain an accr-d-t-d univers-ty D-g^r-- Today"
    "You don't have to earn l-ss get a degre- onl-n-"
    "What would a Ph.D. d-o for your car--r?"

  7. uncle janko

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    My car--r needs new wiper--rs, not a doctor--rate.
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