1972 Olympics Terrorist Attack

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    You might be interested in a movie called Sword of Gideon or the book on which it's based, Vengence by George Jonas.

    As usual the book is better than the movie. It is the story of the covert Israeli team that brought justice to most of the terrorists responsible for Munich.
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    They certainly DID, but in the process, they murdered a perfectly innocent waiter in Lillehammer, Norway, IIRC.
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    Didn't they also kill a business man in Holland in front of his wife or was that the same guy?
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    That's the problem with "license to kill" CIA type operations. Mistakes will be made. You might scribble the wrong guy.

    And murder is yet murder.
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    And pest control is pest control.
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    I watched Without Limits, the story of one of America's foremost middle distance runners, Steve Prefontaine. It was very good. His 5000 meter race against Lasse Viren ( One of the most respected distance runners ever, in high school we studied his total domination of the 1976 Montreal Olympics in the 5 and 10,000 meter runs were amazing. He was the master of the fartlek...speed up and slow down to wear down your competitors) in the 1972 Munich Olympics is still watched to this day. Pre was a front runner and had a high threshold for pain. Tragically, the Munich Olympics were overshadowed by this act. If you have not seen the film, it is a good one. You dont have to be a runner like me to appreciate it. It was produced by a fella name Tom Cruise. Now where have I heard that name before.
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    Oh my!


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