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    The International University also is an affiliate of IUFS. Here are some certifying documents, but I don´t speak Russian.

    As you can see here: http://www.tiu.org/ “Licensed in Russia, Minister of Education, under IUFS Agreement“ there seems to be an only “recognition” by the “Minister” and not the “Ministry” of Education. Seems to be the same invalid shit like the “recognition” of the SRU connection in my eyes.

    The “recognition” of IUFS must be invalid, that´s clear. I´ve told the Ministry of Education about the affiliation to IUFS when I have asked about the recognition of American Coastline University and their degrees. The Mail I have received is dated 28 th February 2005. The date of “re-accreditation” of IUFS was in August 2004. IF IUFS was really recognized by the Ministry of Education at this time, ACU would be allowed to offer University programs as an official branch of a recognized Institution of Higher Education then. But as we all know here, they aren´t, of course.

    So there´s no need to check and discuss the status of recognition again.

    @ IUFS-Lover:
    I don´t know what you´re talking about now. Lerner, you can have your opinion. But it´s bullshit, if you don´t accept the reality!
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    Sorry, I have pushed the false button and posted this new thread.

    This belongs to the thread: IUFS makes changes!

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