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  1. chrisjm18

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    So, I was looking at the registration for the various courses in the Ph.D. in Criminal Justice at Liberty for the fall. I noticed that there are 12 sections (15 students each) of CJUS700 (the first course). My math says that's 180 students. Is that typical for an online program? I know a lot of in-person programs normally accept a small number of students. Also, some online, cohort-based programs limit the number of students they admit (typically 20-30).

    Did any school recently discontinue their online Ph.D. in CJ? Does COVID-19 has anything to do with this? I've never seen so many sections of students taking CJUS700. Even the summer term B and D had a total of 7 sections none of which had the maximum number of 15 students.

    Of course, some of those students will drop out after a course or two (it's the sad reality).
  2. JBjunior

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    Could it be related to the new lower tuition for some people or has that not started yet?
  3. chrisjm18

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    Possibly because that takes effect in the fall, but I also wondered whether there could be that much military personnel wanting a Ph.D. in CJ. Maybe it's not farfetched, though. I know of quite a few military peeps who pursued the Ed.D. because of the military benefit and not because they wanted an Ed.D. This was before the current military tuition. So, I guess we'll see people pursuing the degree that truly interests them.

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