18-year-old write-in candidate elected Hillsdale mayor

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Charles, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Charles

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    A pre-election article for the Hillsdale College newspaper:

  2. BinkWile

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    That is amazing!
    Thanks for the post!
  3. Dustin

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    From Wikipedia:

    In July 2007, Sessions pleaded no contest to two counts of computer hacking and completed 40 hours of community service.[3]

    In 2009, Sessions announced that he would not seek re-election because his graduation from Hillsdale College in 2010 might lead him to pursue a career outside the area.[4]

    Later he became a Main Street program manager, a Program Specialist and now a City Clerk in Morenci, Michigan.

    Seems like he's doing alright for himself.
  4. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Or maybe not - I dunno. It's been 18 years since his election as mayor. He would be 36 now. And when The job in Morenci MI was advertised in 2022. It only paid $29, 192 to $39,644. That's not much for a college grad with 12 years of work experience at that time.

    It's also hard to believe entirely in coincidence.

    (1) This is the first post since 2007 by the O.P.
    (2) This is the first post since 2011 by the second member, who lost no time in posting "That's amazing"

    I think they're likely avid supporters of Michael Sessions. Maybe even personal friends of his.
    If they are -- that's perfectly OK -- but charge them the normal DI advertising rates. :)
  5. Dustin

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    I don't mind. We've had lots of "single issue" posters here over the years. Just the other day I was wondering what became of that 16 year old who got her doctorate in Great Falls.

    I can't believe that was already 2.5 years ago!
  6. Johann

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    I don't either - but it's fun to notice and give 'em the spotlight. :) Maybe we'll get another post from them in 2039. I'll see what I can find on the Great Falls Doctoral grad.

    "I knew I had no choice. I had to find her. After brief consideration, I decided against a pull of the Scotch in my bottom drawer, and put on my pork-pie hat, shoulder holster and trench coat. I side-stepped the wino, unconscious on the worn wooden stairs and went out to my rusted, but tried-and-true 1953 Plymouth...

    To be continued...
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  7. Jonathan Whatley

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    Based on his signature, the OP lost that account but has been active recently under a different account.
  8. Johann

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    Hmmm. I'm beginning to like this. Good sleuthing, Jonathan. @SteveFoerster Wouldn't the TOS have something to say about that? :)
  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    @Dustin Sent you a PM. Done & dusted.
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  10. SteveFoerster

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    The point of that bit in the ToS is to prevent sock puppetry. Losing access to an eighteen year old account and finding it easier to just make a new one hardly seems like an attempt to deceive.
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  11. Johann

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    I'm fine with that. Makes sense. I only know some of the rules - you know why they're rules. You the MOD, man! :)

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