18 Year-Old Graduates from UVa in one year

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  1. Fortunato

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    Here's an interesting article from today's WaPo - David Bahn took 63 credits in the course of a single year (three terms, although he only took three credits his last summer term) and graduated from the University of Virginia in a single year - with a double major. He's now a graduate student in physics, with hopes of becoming a patent lawyer someday.

    My take on this is that it really shows the value of testing - he brought in 72 credits through Advanced Placement testing. Although gradauting in one year is not unheard of here at DegreeInfo, it's important to remember that UVa has a 60-hour residency requirement!

  2. iquagmire

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    That is an amazing achievement!!!

    But what's more amazing is that you're in the MBA program at Duke! Isn't is 95k per year? Is it worth every penny? I would think that the contacts you make around the world should bring lots of value as well as the Duke name!

    How long is the program?
  3. JoAnnP38

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    This young man was interviewed on Fox News this morning where it was disclosed that he only had to pay $200 out of pocket for a double major. Now THAT's a bargain!

    Of course I was very disappointed that he wants to direct his potential toward being a *lawyer*! Never the less, I wish him luck.
  4. SteveFoerster

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    Re: Re: 18 Year-Old Graduates from UVa in one year

    And he sold his books back for more than that, so he's actually running a profit.

    I can't even imagine taking 37 credits on campus in one semester. Wow.

    In a way it's a shame he went to UVa. He'd have been a great candidate to see whether a BA can really be done in four weeks. :D

  5. Catlady

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    What's the purpose of taking so many classes at once and finishing so quickly? It might be different if he were 48 instead of 18, but geez, take some time to smell the coffee. Even he admitted it got to be too much.
  6. fortiterinre

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    It is an impressive achievement. I had ONE 21 credit semester to graduate on time, and it ran me ragged.
  7. Fortunato

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    The CCMBA is actually the middle tier of Duke's EMBA programs, it's a little over $88K for the whole degree. (You're probably thinking of the Global Executive EMBA, which is right around $100K for the program.) However, I will say that the program is worth its cost. Last year's graduating class put two students (out of 120) into McKinsey and Co., which is more than most full-time programs, and especially amazing considering a large portion of the class isn't necessarily looking to change jobs at the end of the program, while in a full-time program, everyone is looking to get hired.

    I'm actually sponsored by my employer - I gave up a full ride to a full-time MBA program and a two-year post-graduation commitment in exchange for full sponsorship at Duke, so I'm not paying the program cost out of pocket. However, my wife attended the same program as a self-sponsored student, graduating last May. Since starting the program, she has increased her salary by nearly 50% (with bonus, she should be well into the six figures this year), and is currently on the fast track to manager with a boutique consulting firm. Well worth the student loan payments! Most of her classmates have seen similar results.

    The program is 20 months, beginning in July and ending in March (although you aren't technically an MBA until after graduation in May), with eight terms of two classes each. Each term consists of a one week pre-reading period, a one-week residency, and six weeks of distance education. Two residencies are held overseas, one in Europe, and one in Asia. Here's a link to the program website:

    Duke University CCMBA

    If you have anymore questions about the program, feel free to PM me!

  8. iquagmire

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    That's awesome Fortunato! I hope more employers offer that kind of deal to their employees. I wouldn't mind a two year commitment for a full ride to Duke (or even a partial ride). Good luck!

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