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    I have a BA in Math and MA in Education (Educational Technology) I would like to teach college level math, but I need 18 graduate credit to teach. Does any one know what course should I take, and if it is possible to take them online?
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    Google says there are a lot of them out there. I guess I'd find the least expensive school that offers a distance learning Master's degree in math and take as many courses as you need. If you find an option to take 18 credits in math and 18 in statistics, you'll qualify for both, which you may find helpful for finding teaching gigs.
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    You may find it helpful to compare course prefixes before you settle in on a program. I completed an MS in Nutrition. There were three programs that shared some of the same core courses (Research for Health Sciences, Clinical Behavioral Change, etc.). So, the shared core used the Allied Health prefix (though there is no allied health program, it's just how they titled those courses) and I've had lots of trouble with mixing of prefixes in my degree (Nutrition + Allied Health). In fact, all of us had an Allied Health alpha for our thesis as well.....so technically, I don't have 18 Nutrition credits that have nutrition prefixes. 3 of 3 college interviews I attended brought this up. Now, my DEGREE is in nutrition, but in all 3 cases, the colleges were misunderstanding the 18 credit rule- it's a degree IN the field or a degree OUT of the field + 18.... but it's something didn't expect. I'm still undecided about adding 2 more classes with nutrition prefix to my transcript, and if I had the cash, I'd do it no question because frankly it's a PITA and I don't like having to defend my degree to someone who knows less about the rule than I do. Anyway, since you're in a second degree situation, you'll want to be certain that the prefixes are math, and I'd be hesitant about muddying the waters with stats prefixes. Just my two cents.
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    Here's a graduate certificate in mathematics (I posted this in another thread as well).


    The program is entirely online and from a reputable state university. From the website:

    "The program is intended for students who wish to prepare for admission to graduate studies at another institution, or for holders of a Master's degree in a discipline other than mathematics, who teach mathematics classes at the community college level."

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