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  1. hypertweeky

    hypertweeky New Member

    I have just passed the spanish CLEP with a 79. The paper says 6 credits for spanish I and 12 credits for spanish II.
    Will a college allow all 18 credits? If so, do you know which ones do?

    Thank you!
  2. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    I believe Spanish II includes the six credits from I for a total of 12 credits.
  3. hypertweeky

    hypertweeky New Member

    Thank you for your prompt response!
    Do you know which colleges accept the full 12 credits on an associates? (If any)
    Can you use these credit toward humanities for example?

    Thanks again!
  4. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    There would be way too many to list, and it would take forever to find all of them. You should start by determining which colleges fit your needs and go from there.
  5. hypertweeky

    hypertweeky New Member

    Excelsior offers the associates I want, but if they only grant 6 credit for instance, perhaps it's better to look at another college.

    Thank you for your advice!
  6. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

  7. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    Charter oak awards 12 for it, I think Thomas Edison does too.
  8. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    If you're that good at Spanish, for example if you're a native speaker who writes well, and you're interested in schools like Excelsior, Charter Oak, and TESC that are liberal on credit by examination, then you should ask whether there are any other tests you could take that would be worth more than 12 credits. Ask them about FLATS and Berlitz, for example.
  9. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    The NYU exam grants up to 16 credits with 4 being upper level. Some schools will not grant credit if it is one's narive language!
  10. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

  11. hypertweeky

    hypertweeky New Member

    I appreciate your assistance:)

    Thank you!!
  12. mattchand

    mattchand Member

    NYUFLP is a good deal, if the school for which one is taking it will accept it. I received credit for having taken and done reasonably well in the NYUFLP in a more obscure language in my AA at Thomas Edison State College, but those credits did not transfer to my Charter Oak BA program - COSC does not accept the NYUFLP. My 12 CLEP Spanish credits, on the other hand, made the cut.



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