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    I have asked this question here before but I want to phrase it a little bit differently this time.

    I have an MBA from Walden. I want to teach Finance but I dont have the 18 credits. I do, however, have about 24 credits with the word "management" in the class title. Is this in itself enough to meet the requirement for management? Some of the classes are things like "human resource management" and "advanced marketing management." My personal opinion is that these shouldnt count but I also think it isnt exactly fair that the MBA is possibly not enough to meet the teaching requirement. So, if I can get in with the management requirement, I will take it.

    What do you all think? Do these classes count toward the management requirement?
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    From seeing other responses here, I think it'll come down to what each individual school says. For me, when I started teaching political science courses, the community college told me they had to look at the course prefix (POLS) and that the title of the course didn't matter. They told me public policy courses COULD NOT COUNT towards the 18 hours of political science. That's rather weird, because the second semester of the course I teach is predominantly about public policy. It seems like the 18 hours requirement is a game they have to play to please the regional accreditors.

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    and yeah it may not be fair, but thats academia.
    i'm pissed that one of the schools i'm considering wants me to take FOUR science classes, two with labs, and my major isn't related at all, but if it'll get me that piece of paper, i gotta do it.

    i'm sure you'll hear something like "an mba is a practicioner's degree" or to the effect that the purpose of your degree is not academia, and that it doesn't give you the depth of specialization that 18 hours in one field would....etc.

    by all means, see if you can get any bites with what you have...but be prepared.

    meanwhile, if finance is your thing, count your finance credits, figure out how many more you'll need, and go do the coursework. that way you're not dependent on who will "let you slide".

    good luck! :)

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