16 year old - $50K reward

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    Great job for this youngster... Wow, I just wonder, how the heck did this high school student (not even in college yet) get that role! Aside from that, I think the 'research' is running a little thin...

    I mean, that's just a very tiny control of 10 people and 10 other subjects to do this study or research on. The margin of error may be way off... but anyways, it's a good start to a larger study in the future!

    Hopefully, it'll pave way to something bigger and better, and we can help those who have suicidal tendencies be at peace...

    Link: A 16-year-old pocketed $50,000 for her award-winning discovery in the brains of people who died by suicide (msn.com)

    Edit to Add: I am really curious what other positions would be available to high school students... You know, get an internship before even graduating from high school. There may be other research opportunities in the vet sciences... or something similar! Just gotta look out for those chances in life I guess and apply at the right time.
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    Daughter, what do you want for your birthday?

    A subscription to Science Magazine, access to suicide corpses in the police basement and a brain lab.

    Is the "high expectation asian dad" meme still a thing? :-D
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    Personally, I am really happy to see someone doing research on this that goes beyond generic psychology. I have lost numerous friends to suicide. One was near genius but had medical issues causing overall health problems and major brain issues. I think the person did not want friends and family remembering them as anything other than the near genius the person was. I do not fault this friend at all, but do miss the person tremendously. I hope this research can lead to a decrease in suicides!
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