16 People Who Thought They Knew Better Than Their Doctors

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    These are definitely good examples of undereducated people thinking they know better, but there are other times when physicians and other practitioners underdiagnose/refuse to test, make people get unnecessary procedures to make more money (usually in dentistry, especially if a kid's on Medicaid), or haven't stayed up to date on the latest best practices.

    My dog has allergies and a history of cancer. The veterinarians wanted to keep her on Apoquel for her allergies. I stopped giving her the Apoquel, not only because it wasn't working well, but also because it increases the likelihood of developing benign and malignant tumors. I went to another vet that was closer for my dog's UTI, and she was shocked that her primary vets had prescribed her Apoquel and Cytopoint knowing that she has a history of cancer.

    She also said it was a waste of time repeatedly prescribing my dog Amoxicillin knowing that it hasn't been working. My other vet clinic kept charging me hundreds of dollars for urine cultures and saying that Amoxicillin was the best antibiotic for the type of bacteria in dog's urine. I would tell them that that antibiotic never works, but I'd give it to her anyway, and guess what would happen. They would charge me to retest her, and the UTI hadn't cleared up. A couple of other vets had the sense to prescribe her more powerful antibiotics.
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