11-Year-Old Graduating With 3 Degrees From American River College

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    It's a regionally accredited community college. I can't imagine it is any easier, or harder, than any other community college.

    When I was in the 7th grade, our local community college had a program that allowed middle school kids to take summer courses. You had to take a placement test which determined which, if any, of the courses you could take. I took a 100 level course in Western Civilization.

    It was fine. I think I earned a B+. The other kids in my class who participated also did fine. But you know what? No matter how you cut it, we were in summer school for getting good grades.

    So I just took the one course and never looked back. I think one helicopter parent forced her daughter to take as many courses as she could handle (and probably more). But, to the best of my knowledge, we all just faded away after that first course.

    Years later, when I was in high school in another area, I inquired as to whether I could get a jump start on college. I was rudely told "no" and that the only way a person could take coursework there, without a high school diploma, was to be over the age of 20-something.

    I had all sorts of fire in my belly as a high school student. Had I been allowed to take courses pre-graduation, I probably would have had a very different experience post-graduation.

    But pre-high school I was way more interested in riding my bike and building (i.e. claiming small, vacant spaces) forts.

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