1 Year CPA Qualifying Program

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    Same price as LSU Independent study (is.lsu.edu) in less time. I bet this program is extremely intense. 24 credits in accounting is the absolute minimum to sit for a CPA exam. Many states exclude "principals" accounting course from the count and will view these 24 credits offered by Clarion as 18. A serious CPA candidate needs to take the following courses:
    - Principles of Financial Accounting (3 - 5 credits)
    - Principles of Managerial Accounting (3 - 5 credits)
    - Intermediate Financial Accounting (6 - 9 credits)
    - Advanced Financial Accounting (3 - 6 credits)
    - Cost Cost Analysis and Control / Intermediate Managerial (3 credits)
    - Financial Audit (3 credits)
    - Fraud Audit (3 credits)
    - Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting (3 credits)
    - Individual Income Tax (3 credits)
    - Corporate Income Tax (3 credits)
    - Business Law (6 credits)

    Total 39 - 45 credits
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    I concur - except for the fraud audit course. Nice, but not necessary for the CPA.

    Some schools have a course that includes basic estate and trust with a lighter treatment of corporate tax. That would be a better option if you can find it. I don't know of any dl courses like this though.
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    Most states want at least 3 credits in audit. The main goal of the CPA certification is to nurture audit specialists. However, the selection of audit classes offered by the academia is very limited. Principals of Auditing and Fraud are the only course you can take.

    6 credits in audit is one of the requirements in Colorado to get a CPA certification without any experience.

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