€13.8K ESCP Executive Masters

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by smartdegree, Jun 5, 2021.

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    Gasp! Interesting... That is a good price, and they ladder up their "degrees" (why do they call certificates a degree - eh?)
    As per that link above: 3 degrees to work toward

    Executive Master (60 ECTS)
    Advanced Certificate (24 ECTS)
    Certificate (12 ECTS)
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    Very interesting but this one line concerns me :
    "*ESCP declares that this programme is a private ESCP diploma."

    Sounds like you end up with the French equivalent of a titulo propio.
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    I'm not an expert in French qualifications, but I understand that the Grandes Ecoles (of which ESCP is one) offer all private degrees and not university degrees that are offered only by Public Universities (like University of Paris Sorbonne). All of the Grandes Ecoles like HEC Paris, INSEAD, etc offer private degrees. It's not the same as the Spanish system of titulo propio.

    The Grandes Ecole degrees are actually considered in France and Quebec to be more prestigious than University degrees.
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    Wow, interesting that one of its co-founders was Jean-Baptiste Say.
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    They're also according to Wikipedia the oldest business school in the world.

    In my current company (one of the top employers in Canada), we recruit ESCP grads for our Montreal and Quebec City offices. In fact, our Montreal office is full of execs who graduated from ESCP, ESSEC and HEC Paris (the Grandes Ecoles). They're sort of seen as Ivy-League level schools (at least in Quebec) along with HEC Montreal.
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